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Complete the sentences with the correct words.



1 Choose the correct answers.

1 Did you see Jan at the concert? She wore / was wearing a red coat.

2 Peter wouldnít lend me his dictionary because he didnít finish / hadnít finished his homework yet.

3 I saw your sister in town yesterday. She talked / was talking to a couple of friends.

4 Jake phoned me just after he was leaving / had left the party.

5 When the exam results came through we all were celebrating / celebrated!

6 While I was walking to the shops, it suddenly started / was starting to get very windy.

7 They had waited / had been waiting for half an hour by the time David arrived.

8 When I got to the classroom, the teacher already started / had already started the lesson.

2 Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1 I __________________ (have) this cold since I went swimming last Friday.

2 How often __________________ (you be) to the USA?

3 I __________________ (often wonder) if learning another language would be difficult.

4 Where __________________ (you stay) for the last few days?

5 What __________________ (you do) to your hair? It looks great!

6 How long __________________ (you go out) with Freddy?

7 What __________________ (you eat)? There are red marks on your shirt.

8 Katy and I __________________ (know) each other since we were at primary school together.

3 Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words in bold.

1 I had never before seen such a beautiful sunset.


2 We not only went out for a meal but we went dancing too.


3 They had no sooner started the exercise than the lesson bell rang.


4 There has rarely been such a high wind.


4 Complete the sentences with determiners.

1 You should check your bank account _______ week.

2 Are there _______ good reasons for buying your own house?

3 _______ breakfast we had at the hotel this morning was excellent.

4 _______ of the band members has spoken to the newspapers. I donít know where the information came from.

5 Iím afraid thereís _______ I can do to help you.

5 Choose the correct answers.

1 I expect hearing / to hear from Lucy in the next few days.

2 The teacher made Gemma going / go home because she wasnít feeling well.

3 I canít imagine enjoying / to enjoy a backpacking holiday. I like my home comforts.

4 Did you manage contacting / to contact Mr Barton about the meeting?

5 Dan justified buying / to buy a new car by saying he needed it for work!

6 We considered going / go to Scotland for a weekís break, but the weather is too cold at the moment.

7 Iím having my hair cutting / cut this afternoon.

8 He wouldnít let me pay / to pay for my share of the meal.

9 I canít risk missing / to miss the train so Iíll book a taxi for 7.15.

10 Are you going to get the car fixing / fixed while Jackís at work?

6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 I __________________ (meet) the new employee at 4.30. Is there anything youíd like me to ask him?

2 Donít call me on my mobile between four and five this afternoon because I __________________ (drive).

3 __________________ (the judges make) their decision by the end of today?

4 Donít worry about phoning Martin with the news. I __________________ (tell him) at school.

5 Quick! Marian __________________ (faint)!

6 When __________________ (the shop open)? I need to get some milk.

7 Iíve decided. I __________________ (study) Science at university.

8 Ben __________________ (probably win) the student election. Heís very popular.

9 The train __________________ (arrive) at 6.30 so we should be home by seven.

10 Donít forget to give him the letter when he __________________ (get) home.

7 Choose the correct answers.

1 Assuming / In case she gets good results, where will she study?

2 Iíll stay as soon as / as long as you need me.

3 Unless / Provided that youíre not too late, Iíll look after the baby.

4 Take your umbrella in case / if it rains later.

5 I wonít go to bed assuming that / until you get home.

8 Complete the sentences with the correct form of can, could or be able to and the verbs in brackets.

1 I __________________ (not find) Ginaís number in the phone book. Do you know it?

2 I was lucky that I __________________ (find) a good job last summer.

3 If you work in a museum you must __________________ (answer) questions about local history.

4 In the future people __________________ (travel) above the roads as well as on them.

5 My mum insists that my brother __________________ (speak) when he was only eleven months old but I donít believe her!

6 If I _________________________ (speak) French, I would have taken the job immediately.

7 _________________________ (you contact) Pamela yet?

8 __________________ (drive) means that I donít have to depend on other people for transport.

9 Complete the sentences with all, that or what.

1 Iím concerned _______ she didnít come to me with her problems.

2 The worrying thing is _______ climate change is happening so fast.

3 _______ she said made me realise how unhappy she is.

4 I know _______ my dad thinks about my behaviour is important.

5 Iím sorry, Iíve eaten _______ I can!

6 _______ is difficult is answering the questions in such a short time.

7 _______ I know about the row is that they arenít speaking to each other now.

10 Find the mistakes in the sentences and correct them.

1 Jake told that he loved English folk music.


2 I asked Becky what was the time.


3 Helen suggested to meet in the park at 12.30.


4 My sister admitted eat all the biscuits.


5 The teacher asked me where I had been today.


11 Rewrite the sentences in reported speech using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 ĎI can assure you that I wonít be late for the appointment.í (promise)

He ____________________________________________________________ .

2 ĎI think the result will be 3Ė4 to Southampton.í (predict)

She ____________________________________________________________ .

3 ĎIím sorry, but the service I received was just not good enough.í (complain)

He _____________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

4 ĎLetís go out for a meal after you finish work.í (suggest)

She ____________________________________________________________ .

5 ĎI wonít speak to her because she doesnít listen to anything I say.í (refuse)

He _____________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

6 ĎIím really sorry I missed the meeting but the train was delayed.í (apologise)

She ____________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

7 ĎI didnít say that I was going to raise salaries immediately.í (deny)

He ____________________________________________________________ .

8 ĎIf you donít work harder your grades will fall.í (warn)

She ____________________________________________________________ .

9 ĎYes, weíll provide the music for your party at the fee you suggest.í (agree)

He _____________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

10 ĎI really think you should audition for the school play!í (encourage)

She ____________________________________________________________ .

12 Write questions for the sentences using the question words in brackets.

1 Someone left the TV on overnight. (who)

_________________________________________________________________ ?

2 I spoke to the secretary about my expenses. (who)

_________________________________________________________________ ?

3 Something happened after we left this morning. (what)

_________________________________________________________________ ?

4 You gave the file to someone in the office. (who)

_________________________________________________________________ ?

5 The Chinese restaurant serves the best food in the area. (which)

_________________________________________________________________ ?

13 Find the mistakes in the sentences and correct them.

1 Could you tell me where can I get information about the museum?

_________________________________________________________________ ?

2 Have you any idea why do they want to eat so early?

_________________________________________________________________ ?

3 Iíd like to know when will the teacher return our homework.

_________________________________________________________________ ?

4 I wonder who did tell Rosie about the accident.

_________________________________________________________________ ?

5 Can you remember where did you leave the green file?

_________________________________________________________________ ?

14 Complete the sentences with the correct question tags.

1 Letís meet up later, ___________ ?

2 Donít forget to tell Jeff about the party, ___________ ?

3 Theyíve made a lot of progress this term, ___________ ?

4 Nobody likes queuing, ___________ ?

5 The weatherís going to be awful tomorrow, ___________ ?

15 Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1 I have real doubts _______ driving all through the night in this rain.

2 I shall never be in favour _______ wearing a school uniform.

3 I go along _______ the view that if youíve got the money you should spend it!

4 _______ my view, programmes like that shouldnít be shown until 9.00 p.m.

5 Iím not really convinced _______ the importance of having an enormous TV.

6 _______ my mind, what she said sounds very suspicious.

16 Choose the correct answers.

1 We mustnít / donít have to give in this assignment until next Friday. Thatís good news!

2 We must / have to meet up sometime for a coffee and a chat.

3 Simon neednít / shouldnít work so hard. Heíll make himself ill.

4 Do you think we have to / ought to check with your dad before using his tools?

5 I really donít have to / mustnít eat so much salt. Itís very bad for me.

6 You oughtnít to / neednít worry about me. Iím getting a lift home with Freddie.

7 You mustnít / shouldnít park there! Itís the bossís space and heíll be furious.

8 I need to get / getsome money out of the bank later today.

17 Complete the sentences with must, canít or might and the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 He __________________ (be) a vegetarian. Iíve never seen him eat meat.

2 Dan __________________ (be) back before lunchtime but I wouldnít bet on it!

3 She __________________ (be) exhausted! Sheís just slept for more than twelve hours.

4 You __________________ (see) this film before. It was only released yesterday.

5 I __________________ (leave) the keys on the table. Can you check for me?

6 Helen __________________ (like) your cooking. Look, sheís left most of the meal.

7 You __________________ (joke)! I canít come out now Ė Iím in bed!

18 Choose the correct answers.

1 Iím so cross! I didnít need to / neednít have stayed up late last night to finish the project. Miss Davis doesnít want it until Monday now!

2 Joe couldnít / shouldnít have said those things to Sue. Sheís really upset.

3 Peter might / neednít have phoned while we were out. Check your voice mail.

4 She ought to / shouldnít have left us a message. We were so worried when she didnít come home last night.

5 Mike should / could have won the race if he hadnít been so tired.

6 Ned and Sandy might not / couldnít have left until after the rush hour to avoid the traffic.

7 Steve is terrible. He couldnít / might have at least started to prepare the dinner while I was out.

8 Iím afraid I shouldnít / couldnít have given you a lift yesterday because my car was at the garage.

19 Rewrite the sentences using conditionals.

1 Iíve got a really bad headache today because I did so much work on the computer last night.

If _________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ .

2 She argued with you because she enjoys a good debate!

She _______________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ .

3 We canít buy a house because the prices have gone up too much.

If _________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ .

4 I knew she was going to leave early because I checked my e-mail.

If _________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ .

5 My Spanish was very weak because I donít practise enough.

If _________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ .

6 I didnít know you were feeling low so I didnít come over yesterday.

If _________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ .

7 Iím really annoyed because I reminded her five times about the meeting.

I _________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ .

20 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use will, used to, would or the present continuous.

1 We __________________ (live) just outside London when I was a teenager.

2 My dog __________________ (always come) when I whistle for him. Heís very obedient.

3 My brother and I __________________ (often camp out) in the back garden when we were young and pretend we were cowboys.

4 Itís so annoying. Peter __________________ (never answer) his phone when heís on the train.

5 My dad __________________ (always worry) about getting his car dirty.

6 I __________________ (play) football every Saturday but I gave up when I was thirteen.

21 Choose the correct answers.

1 I was going to / was to invite you to the party but Dave says heís already asked you.

2 Ben was excited. The day had finally arrived when he was to have found / would find out the results of the competition.

3 We wereabout to / going to have Coq au Vin for dinner but mum dropped the chicken.

4 I was just about to / wouldleave when he turned up twenty minutes late.

5 I was upset when he moved because I knew I would / was about to never see him again.

6 I was / was going to tell you but Sam made me promise not to.

7 Fiona was to have eaten / about to eat her burger when she noticed a fly on the bread.

8 We were to have had / were about to have a test this morning but the teacher was ill.

9 The TV was to have been / going to be delivered on Saturday but they couldnít find our house.

Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1 In addition to his regular hours heís working a lot of _________ to earn extra money.

2 Maryís on _________ leave at the moment because sheís just had a baby.

3 If you wear a _________ , it means you donít have to buy smart suits for work.

4 My last job was very _________ paid so I looked for another one with a better salary.

5 I hate writing letters and reports but you canít escape doing _________ in this job.

6 John surprised everyone by handing in his _________ last week.

7 To get results in this job, you have to work as part of a _________ .

8 Employees who arenít happy with their working conditions sometimes go on _________ .

9 Some people enjoy doing _________ work but I prefer regular hours every day.

10 Who is in _________ of this department now that Mandy has left?

23 Rewrite the sentences in the passive form.

1 The committee is discussing the issue at the moment.


2 People have seen some unusual wild birds this winter.


3 Someone has to address and post these letters before 5.30.


4 Prior to last November they hadnít increased the salaries for three years.



5 You can contact us on 09652 546723.


6 The teacher told George off because he was rude.


7 Will you finalise the contracts in the meeting?


8 Someone sent the e-mail containing the virus last Friday.



9 They were watching the criminal when he tried to board the train.



10 You must not leave mobile phones in the classrooms.


24 Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs in the box.

think give report expect know

1 Raymond ______________ to get good exam results.

2 The children ______________ tests at ages nine, eleven and fourteen.

3 It ______________ this morning that the Prime Minister will fly to Germany tomorrow.

4 It ______________ that playing brain games can improve your memory but some doctors disagree.

5 The tribe ______________ to have buried jewellery with their leaders because many such graves have been uncovered.

25 Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1 I got _______ with a lot of naughty things when I was young!

2 We got _______ with the rent last month and now we owe double.

3 Heís always getting _______ Susie. I think itís because heís jealous of her.

4 Thatís very interesting but can we get _______ to the main issue?

5 Do you think weíll manage to get _______ before 6.00 this evening? I have a plane to catch.

26 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 I thought Archie __________________ (leave) but in fact he was in the cafeteria.

2 Who is expected __________________ (win) the next election?

3 The meeting __________________ (finish) by 4.30 so give me a ring then.

4 He admitted __________________ (steal) the painting after the police arrested him.

5 The examiner asked me why I __________________ (chose) to learn English.

6 How long __________________ (you want) to be an astronaut?

7 My niece __________________ (can) talk until she was two.

8 You __________________ (earn) a lot more money this time next year.

27 Choose the correct answers.

1 Gemma was very tired and took in a little / little of what the teacher said.

2 Assuming that / In case he doesnít mind a small room, heíll love the hotel.

3 We expect my cousin to arrive / arriving just after 10.00.

4 While heís been in hospital / the hospital, Iíve been looking after his dog.

5 I injured my leg ten minutes before the end of the game, but I managed to / could keep playing.

6 Hardly / Just had we left the house when it started to rain.

7 None / Any of the students could answer all the questions correctly.

28 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 Could you tell me where __________________ (be the bank)?

2 You __________________ (not need) hurry home. Weíve got plenty of time.

3 Jackie __________________ (must have) some bad news. She looks really upset.

4 Who __________________ (you ask) to come in early today? Was it the boss?

5 What __________________ (you cook) if he had been vegetarian?

6 __________________ (your mum work) at the university? Iím sure I recognise her from my student days.

7 The suspect __________________ (interview) by the police when he fell ill.

8 I __________________ (not be) here now if Sam hadnít given me a lift.

9 We __________________ (leave) at 10.30 but there was a problem on the plane.

10 The boy __________________ (see) since this morning.

29 Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1 I _________ have managed to finish all the work without your help. Thank you.

2 Every Christmas Dad _________ dress up as Santa Claus.

3 The President is known _________ fond of Italian food.

4 Remember to get some money from the cash point, _________ you?

5 I was _________ to start the engine when I noticed a smell of petrol.


1 Choose the correct answers.

1 Do you have any _______ about his ability?

A problems B regrets C doubts

2 To my _______, itís not a big problem at all.

A view B mind C opinion

3 Iím disappointed they _______ my proposal.

A rejected B refused C called off

4 The _______ have improved since they moved the programme to Saturday evenings.

A viewers B ratings C numbers

5 If you _______ on too much work, your health might suffer.

A make B put C take

6 The exercises in the exam were _______ easy.

A highly B bitterly C ridiculously

7 You shouldnít _______ that everyone feels the same way you do.

A agree B accept C assume

8 Iíll go _______ with the majority opinion.

A out B along C away

9 When is the next _______ of the TV series?

A episode B view C sequence

2 Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1 To deal with climate change we need to use sources of _________ energy.

2 Iím going to _________ in my notice tomorrow because Iíve got a new job.

3 Let's get _________ to what we were talking about before, shall we?.

4 Millions of people in the UK are _________ paid and have very little to live on.

5 I have to _________ off the meeting on Friday. Iíve just found out the boss is away then.

6 This graph shows that unemployment crept _________ over three years.

3 Choose the correct answers.

1 I need a job with _______ working hours.

A tolerant B flexible C open-minded

2 We need another _______ of milk.

A pint B pound C yard

3 Most _______ get moody from time to time.

A toddlers B OAPs C adolescents

4 Our dog has cut its _______ on some glass.

A claw B whiskers C paw

5 The temperature in this building _______ a lot.

A fluctuates B looms C boosts

6 Employees who deal with clients directly need to be extremely _______ .

A ruthless B courteous C flexible

7 It appears that the companies _______ with each other to keep prices high.

A colluded B pledged C backed

8 _______ his failure, he tried again the following year and succeeded.

A Although B Much as C Despite

4 Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box.

out (x2) in through up on down

1 I put his bad temper _______ to the weather!

2 Things didn't work _______ quite as well as I'd hoped they would.

3 We paid _______ the nose for our new car.

4 They insisted _______ paying for the meal.

5 Iím going to set _______ a meeting with all the people involved.

6 What are you going to splash _______ on with the money you won?

7 He succeeded _______ getting a place at the university he wanted for next year.

5 Choose the correct answers.

1 Iíve found a(n) absolutely / deeply amazing dress.

2 The seller is asking a(n) ridiculously / absolutely cheap price for it.

3 Itís deeply / highly probable that someone else will buy it before I can.

4 I shall be highly / bitterly disappointed if that happens.

5 And I would be deeply / absolutely grateful if you could lend me the money!

6 Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1 Weíre all going to watch the solar e_______ .

2 If you jump up, g_______ pulls you back down.

3 A few years ago there was a terrible accident at the l_______ of the space shuttle.

4 It will be wonderful if space tourists can go into o_______ around the Earth.

5 The astronautsí m_______ is to conduct some experiments in the space station.


7 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

argumentative grumpy tolerant naive reserved flexible stubborn hot-headed courteous level-headed

1 The staff at the airport were all very _________ to us. It was a pleasant surprise.

2 My cousin is quite _________ and doesnít say much.

3 I was very _________ when I went to university but Iím much more experienced now.

4 Donít be so _________ ! You can always find something to smile about.

5 In todayís society people need to be _________ and listen to othersí points of view.

6 My dad was very _________ when he was young and got into a lot of trouble.

7 I donít think winning a lot of money will change Sam. Heís very _________ .

8 My sister is so _________ youíll never persuade her to apologise to him.

9 Youíre being very _________ today! Youíve disagreed with everything Iíve said!

10 Weíre lucky to have Jill as an employee. Sheís _________ and can change her hours if we need her to.

8 Choose the correct answers.

1 Plasma TVs cost / make a fortune.

2 We splashed out / down on a new car.

3 Pete spent / paid through the nose for his new bike.

4 If you started a sandwich shop at school, youíd make / do a killing.

5 I donít mind spending money but I hate being ripped up / off!

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