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Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

precious well-off worthless dirt cheap priceless

1 This old painting is _________ but it means a lot to me.

2 A new play by Shakespeare would be _________ .

3 Only _______ people can afford to stay at that hotel!

4 Jewellers make rings with _________ stones.

5 Sometimes things that are _________ stop working quite quickly.

10 Choose the correct answers.

1 Our bathroom is three _______ wide.

A pints B yards C miles

2 Iíve been in _______ since I was a teenager.

A debt B profit C bargain

3 _______ my dad worked very hard, he never made much money.

A Whereas B However C Although

4 We usually buy four _______ of milk a week.

A pints B pounds C feet

5 _______ the storms we completed the journey very quickly.

A Much as B Nevertheless C Despite

11 Choose the correct answers.

1 Could you set _______ a meeting for 10.30, please?

A up B off C for

2 Jill finally owned _______ to eating the cake.

A on B up C down

3 Weíve put his mistakes _______ to enthusiasm.

A off B up C down

4 Theyíre doing _______ an old farmhouse.

A out B off C up

5 All this rain is really getting me _______ .

A on B down C up

12 Choose the correct answers.

1 The accident was definitely harmful / avoidable.

2 Trying to answer this question is hopeless / mysterious.

3 Our holiday was very reliable / eventful.

4 Artists need to be magical / creative.

5 Donít worry about breaking the glass. Itís avoidable / replaceable.

13 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

toddler elderly infancy OAP adolescent

1 _________ can often be very moody.

2 The technology is in its _________ at the moment, but weíll soon be able to use it to do all manner of things.

3 _________ in our area get free bus travel.

4 My brotherís only a _________ and heís always knocking things over.

5 Young people sometimes donít have respect for the _________ .

14 Choose the correct answers.

1 I assumed / expected Pete had told you about the meeting.

2 The teacher guessed / quizzed us about our reasons for choosing to study French.

3 He kept / maintained that it had been his idea all along.

4 The number of children born in the UK has inclined / declined in recent years.

5 The architectís plans for a new block of flats was rejected / recalled.

6 Thereís a Buddhist temple / church just outside Edinburgh.

7 Did you see last nightís programme / episode of Mantrap? Claire was mugged!

8 There were five competitors / contestants on the new game show on Friday.

9 TV bosses think that more soap operas on TV will improve the viewers / ratings.

15 Choose the correct answers.

1 There were dirty marks all over the carpet from the dogís _______ .

A claws B paws C hooves

2 In China they have a soup made from sharksí _______ .

A fins B wings C knuckles

3 Birds eat snails by cracking open their _______ .

A whiskers B fangs C shells

4 Hunters often kill animals for their _______ .

A feathers B fur C shells

5 I donít like eating octopus because you can see the _______ on the plate!

A claws B fins C tentacles

6 After the cat tried to catch the bird, there were _______ all over the grass.

A feathers B fur C whiskers

16 Complete the sentence with the correct form of the words in the box.

cow dog rat bee snake cat kitten wolf whale

1 The children had a _________ of a time at the Theme Park.

2 Dadís in the _________ house because he forgot to get mum a birthday present.

3 A lot of people I know have moved out of the city to get away from the _________ race.

4 Jenís cat has had _________ and weíre getting one at the weekend.

5 A pack of _________ attacked a man in the forest last winter.

6 Luckily we heard the _________ hissing before we stepped on it.

7 Paul wonít come now. Youíll be waiting until the _________ come home!

8 Who let the _________ out of the bag? The party was supposed to be a secret.

9 The _________ buzzed loudly when we tried to go near them.

17 Replace the words in italics with one word.

1 The photographers chased the pop star through the park. p_________

2 He waited for four hours outside her house, only to get her autograph. s_________

3 The companies had a secret agreement with each other to keep the prices high. c_________

4 Share prices have gone up and down a lot this month. f_________

5 The new boss was extremely hard and sacked 50% of his staff to save money. r_________

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