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World Tanabata Action

- Green the land & heart to stop climate change -

This is a global common action to

1. Plant trees (or other actions to decrease CO2)

2. Study/ discuss on the climate change issue

3. Write “my action” on “Tanzaku” papers

Tanzaku papers are collected and exhibited in the G8 Summit, the UNESCO Conference, etc.

It was started by NICE in 2008 (co-organized with NVDA, CCIVS and CONCORDIA)/ collaborated with any NGOs & people of all over the world.

Tanabata is a Japanese old custom from the old, romantic tale and people write wishes on the Tanzaku papers and hang them on the bamboo trees in the night of 7th July every year!


b) Aims:

J Decrease CO2 emissionby practical actions

J Raise awareness on climate change

J Promote cooperationamong NGOs and people

c) Results

G8 Summit


We are having the 25th Anniversary in 2015! We appreciate to your great partnership, friendship and solidarity toward a colorful and healthy world!
J Since 2008, 27 NGOs in 21 countries reported and 15,882 persons planted 822,831 trees and 21,427 tanzaku papers were collected.
5-2) Eco Sponge Action

- Protect the water & encourage the women -

Eco sponge is made of acryl with which you can wash most of dishes without washing soap by its special function (no sanitation problem!).

It was started by NICE in 2003 (International year of Freshwater) and have been made/ used in many workcamps, local communities, schools, etc. by the NGOs in the world. It is also one of two official common actions of NVDA.

From 2009, women in the slam area of Hanoi, Vietnam started making the sponges with the great help of SJV that are brought back by the Japanese vols. and sold in the festivals, seminars, etc. for income generation of those women.


b) Aims:

J Protect the river/ lake water andyour health

J Supportthe life of disadvantaged women

J Save costto buy soap and time to wash dishes


c) Results

Eco sponges Selling in the festival



Woman in Hanoi Her house on the river

J Since 2012, 918 sponges were made and sold in Japan that generated 2,750 US$ and about 1,800 US$ was directly supported to the women!


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