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Topics Proposed for Focused Discussion and Paragraph Writing

1. Bridging the generation gap (your own experience)

2. The role of the father in raising a daughter

3. Marriage: bond or bondage?

4. Are you family or career oriented?



1. The warmest memory of my childhood

2. Generation gap. Your own experience

3. Should children be always brought up by their own parents? (adoption, surrogate mothers)

4. The role of the mother in raising a son




I. Character and personality

1. Inside Out U-I. U.9 Attraction p.82-84 Speed dating V/R; wb p.49 V

2. Think First Certificate. U.8. p.96 Adjectives of personality V; p.97 L/R/S/W;

3. First Certificate Language Practice. People and Behaviour U.12 p.229 V

4. Headway I. Who are these people describing? T.15 p.33, 110 L

5. Right Word Wrong Word. p.208 ex.8 Descriptions, etc., p.241 ex.51 Character and reputation,

p.254 ex.65 Behaviour, p.276 ex.89 What sort of person are you? V

6. More than Words 1. U.15 p.148 Character and personality 1 R/S/V;

U.16 p.155 Character and personality 2 V/S/W; U.13 p.133 Feelings and moods R/S/W/V


II. Judging by appearance

1. Inside Out U-I. U.9 Attraction p.78-81 The perfect face,U.1 Images p.9-10 Image queen R/L/S

2. Think First Certificate. U.8 Judging by Appearance, p.94-95, 98-99 R/S/W;

U.9 Teenage Cults, p.106 New generations R/S

3. Avenues First Certificate. People, U.3 p.32 describing people’s appearance V

4. More than Words 1. U.2 p.57-62 Physical appearance and description V/S/W

5. Right Word Wrong Word. p.208 ex.7 Appearance, etc., of people and things V

6. I. Semyankiv, A. Shugai. Listening comprehension tasks. p.5 The Hobbit; Many Faces L


III. Clothes

1. English Vocabulary in Use pre-i and i. U.56 Clothes V/S

2. English Vocabulary in Use u-i and adv. U.47 Clothes V/S

3. First Certificate Language Practice. Clothes and Appearance U.4 p.198-201 V

4. Right Word Wrong Word. p.250 ex.61 Items of clothing, etc. V

5. More than Words 1. Clothing U.3 p.63-66,70; p.67-69 V/S/R

6. Inside Out U-I. You are what you wear T.5 p.11-12, 145 R/L/S

7. Patterns Plus. The Jeaning of America p.36-39 R/W



1. Patterns Plus. U.3 p.55 Description

2. Patterns Plus. U.6 p.187 Contrast and Comparison



1. Inside Out U-I. U.9 Cindy Jackson

2. Anger management


Grammar and Functions

• Adjective • Adverb

1. FCE 1. U.5 p.75

2. Grammarway. U.3 p.42

3. First Certificate Language Practice U.24

4. Azar. p.A2, A3, A5

5. Azar (new). p. A4, A5



absent-minded alone ambitious annoyed/annoying anxious artistic astonished attractive beard birthmark blond(e) bored broad-minded broadshouldered calm charming cheek cheerful chubby concerned confused considerate cool creative critical cross cross-eyed curly decisive delighted depressed desperate disappointed disheveled domineering easy-going embarrassed emotional enthusiastic envious facial features fair hair fair (= just) forehead forgetful freckle (s) / (ed) friendly frightened fun-loving furious generous handsome hardworking heartbroken height helpful horrified irritated jaw lack of respect for lazy lean line (-s) / (-ed) lively livid lonely mean miserable mole mood moustache obese optimistic patient pessimistic phlegmatic physique plain appearance pleased plump pointed chin prejudiced pretty relieved respectable respectful restless scared self-confident selfish sensible sensitive serene shining shiny shy silk/silky skinny slender slim smart mind smug sociable square chin straight strong stubborn surprised tanned temper terrified thrilled traits of character ugly upset vain voluptuous warm-hearted wavy weak well-built willpower wiry worried wrinkle (-s) / (-ed) to be as white as a sheet to be in good/bad mood to be interested in to be good/bad at to be over the moon about sth to be similar to to be the center of attention to bowl sb over to catch sb’s balance to get sb down to go red to keep/lose one’s temper to keep up with the times to lack confidence to look as if / to look like to take after sb to take sb by surprise there is sth __ about him/her  
baggy beret blazer blouse boutique boxer shorts bra brand button cardigan casual changing / fitting room checked close-fitting cloth clothing collar corduroy costume cotton cuff denim earring (s) elegant fashionable (flared) trousers flowery footwear (frayed) jeans fur coat garment glove hem jacket jumper label laces leather loose mitten old-fashioned outfit overcoat pin-striped plain pattern of fabric pleated skirt pocket price-tag pullover raincoat receipt round-neck sandals scarf scruffy sew shirt shoe shopping precinct sleeve slipper smart clothes sock sole spotted (stiletto) heel stocking stylish suede sweatshirt (tailored) suit tasteful tight tights (top-)boot tracksuit trendy T-shirt underwear velvet V-neck well-dressed/groomed with-it wool/woollen to bargain to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing to be dressed to kill to be dressed (up) to the nines to be in sb’s shoes to be in vogue to be on sale to change into to do the shopping / go shopping to dress / get dressed to fit to go windowshopping to grow out of to have a tendency to to lace up to let down to let out to make purchases to match to pull one’s socks up to purchase to put on to line / queue up to shop around to suit to take in to take off to take out to try / fit on to wear one’s Sunday best to wear the trousers to zip up

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