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1. Describe the character of your friend.

2. What personal traits seem the most/least attractive to you? Why?

3. Strong and weak traits of your personality

4. What situations make you lose your temper or what can set you in a good mood?

5. Think what you can judge by the appearance of your desk/group mate.

6. How do a personality and a style interact?


Module ¹ 3. FOOD


I. Kinds of food

1. Contact USA. U.4 p.52-70 Food in America R

2. English Vocabulary in Use pre-i and i. U.58 Food V

3. Headway I. U.5 p.26-27 R

4. Lexis. U.6 p.121-127 Nourishing Nations: Past and Present R

5. Patterns Plus. The Discovery of Coca-Cola p.21-23, Why Eat Junk Food? p.272-273 R


II. Shopping for food

1. First Certificate Language Practice. U.8 Shops and Shopping V

2. On a Roll. U.3 Thursday Night at the Supermarket p.23-33 R, p.31 L

3. More than Words 2. U.15 p.131-138 Stores, shops and services R/V/S

4. Matters Intermediate. U.15 p.111 Checklist for Healthy Eating (shopping list – classification and division) S/W


III. Cooking. Dishes. Diets

1. English Vocabulary in Use u-i and adv. U.43 Food V

2. More than Words 2. U.19 p.159-167 Preparing and eating food, p.164 recipe (classification) R/S/W/V

3. Right Word Wrong Word. p.252 ex.63 Food, p.231 ex.39 Food and drink, p.259 ex.70 Food and drink V

4. First Certificate Language Practice. U.7 Food, Restaurant and Cooking V

5. Highlight U-I. U.1 p.3 (food and cooking, recipe – classification and division, explanatory paragraph) S/W

6. I. Semyankiv, A. Shugai. Listening comprehension tasks. p.6 Strawberry Ripe – Street Sellers and Street Cries L


IV. Let’s eat out

1. Meet the US. There’s Nothing Like a Diner p.8-12 R

2. On a Roll. U.1 The Potluck p.3-11 R, p.9 L; U.5 The Restaurant p.45-57 R, p.54 L

3. Highlight U-I. U.1 p.2-3 (eating places and habits) S; p.4-5 R/L; p.8 (description of eating habits) W

4. Patterns Plus. Eating Alone in Restaurants p.242 S/W

5. I. Semyankiv, A. Shugai. Listening comprehension tasks. p.7 Eating and Drinking Habits in Britain L



Family Album. Episode 6, Thanksgiving


Grammar and Functions


• Noun

(singular/plural, regular/irregular, count/non-count, noun/verb agreement)

1. FCE 1. U.9 p.144

2. Grammarway. U.4 p.58

3. First Certificate Language Practice U.21

4. Azar. p.197-209

5. Azar (new). U.7.1 – 7.6


• Articles

1. FCE 1. U.9 p.144

2. Grammarway. U.4 p.58

3. First Certificate Language Practice U.22

4. Azar. p.A20

5. Azar (new). U.7.7 – 7.8


Ways of expressing quantity

(some / any / no, none, much / many, a lot of /lots of/plenty of, (a/very)little, (a/very)few, whole, all, every, each, both…and, either…or, neither…nor)

1. FCE 1. U.11 p.169

2. Grammarway. U.11 p.164

3. First Certificate Language Practice. U.23

4. Azar. U.5-8 – 5-15

5. Azar (new). U.7.9 – 7.13


Pronouns. Determiners

(personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns, one(s), forms of other)

1. FCE 1. U.11 p.169

2. Grammarway. U.11 p.164

3. First Certificate Language Practice. U.33

4. Azar. U.5.16 – 5.21

5. Azar (new). U.8



a la carte apple-pie a three-course meal bacon and eggs baker’s / bakery barbecue batter bay leaf beef beet(root) beverage biscuits bitter bowl bread bin breadboard Brussels sprouts buckwheat bun butcher’s cauliflower cereal check-out person chef chicken chilly chocolate bar cinnamon clove of garlic cocktail cod coffee (ground / instant) confectionery consumer cook cooker cookery book cottage cheese counter crash diet cream cheese cuisine curds customer cutlery dairy products delicatessen delicious dessert dietary needs dill dish dough dressing edible egg-nog ethnic food etiquette famine fast food fattening fatty fishmonger’s fish soup flour frozen food ginger gluttony gravy greengrocer’s/greengrocery grocer’s/grocery half-finished product ham hard/soft-boiled eggs herbs herring high/medium fat high tea hot jacket potatoes junk food lamb lard leftovers lettuce lime liver lobster main course mashed potato medium / rare / well done melon mustard napkin nourishing nutritional value onion soup overweight/underweight oysters pancake paprika parsley pasta pastry pineapple pork potluck poultry prawn processed food produce (n) product protein ravioli recipe rotten salesperson salmon sandwich sauce sausage(s) scrambled eggs sea food seasoning shoplifting shopper shopping cart shrimp skim(med) milk soft drinks sour (sour) cream speciality spices spicy spinach sponge-cake stale bread steak submarine sweetooth tablecloth table manners take-away meal/restaurant tart tasty tender toast tough trout tuna turkey veal vegan vegetable oil vegetarian vinegar well-balanced diet wholemeal bread wok to bake to beat to be full to be hungry/thirsty to be/go on a diet to bite / get a bite to blend to boil to casserole to chew to chop to consume / take in to cook to cut down on salt/sugar to cut down the amount of to dice to dine to drain to fill / stuff to gain / put on weight to go Dutch to grate to grill to have a second helping to have a snack to heat to help oneself to sth to keep to a diet to lose weight to marinate to mash to melt to mince to order to overcook/undercook to peel to roast to run out of to season to serve to shell to simmer to slice to soak to sprinkle to starve to steam to stew to stir to tip to warm up to whip

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