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Tick the reasons for choosing a name that the article mentions. Put a cross (x) by the reasons the article doesnít mention.

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My name is...

The literature \ movie \ cartoon hero, starting with the same letter isÖ




Some people believe that Numerology shows peopleís character. First, they find a number for every letter of the name, according to this chart.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

a b c d e f g h i

j k l m n o p q r

s t u v w x y z


Then they calculate a total Ďname numberí like this:

(Note: Margaret Thatcher = Englandís first woman Prime Minister.)


M a r g a r e t t h a t c h e r

4+ 1+ 9+ 7+ 1+ 9+ 5+ 2 2+ 8+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 8+ 5+ 9

= 38 = 38

3+8=11 3+8=11

1+1=2 1+1=2




Finally, they find the meaning of that number, as given below.



Each number from one to nine has its own meaning:

1. Like to command, reform, and dominate. More interested in career than home life. May find happiness in later life. Men are frightened of this kind of woman who often marries a weak, living man. Is practical, clever with money, and can change plans when necessary.

2. Likes to organize. Understands what people want. Emotional, intelligent and confident. Can be jealous and very religious. Prefers work to family, but may become a saint. Often has a career in literature or the arts.

3. Happy, easy to live with. Enjoys hard work. Can command without making people angry. Very successful at work and at home.

4. Wants to rule the world. Enjoys controlling people. Usually feels superior to husband or wife. Is not afraid of power.

5. Longs to help others. Has a warm heart. Is often unhappy at work and lets others take control. But is very good in work that helps other people.

6. Very relaxed. Does not get upset. Works easily with men or women. Makes good friends. May be a writer or an actor.

7. Rather passive. Dreams a lot instead of doing things. Often feels self-pity and makes his or her family angry.

8. Very clever, warm and generous. Popular at home and at work. May over-protect his or her children. Women of this type are both very feminine and very successful. May he a journalist, designer, or public speaker.

9. Either very clever or very silly with money. Full of energy. Often a good driver, sportsman, scientist or businessman.

Whatís in a name?

Work in small groups. Discuss the following questions.

a) What name would you give this baby girl?

b) What names do you like for a boy?

c) How did your parents choose your name?



What do you think the following famous people have in common? Read the article and find out.

a) Elton John + Marilyn Monroe

b) David Bowie + Demi Moore

c) Madonna + Bill Clinton


The Name Game

            Your name is extremely important. Itís how you identify yourself. Itís how other people identify you. Elton John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Can you imagine someone famous with a name like that? He had to change it. Marilyn Monroe sounds so much more glamorous than Norma Jean Baker. So how do parents make one of the most important decisions in the lives of their children Ė giving them a name? Some parents choose names because they are fashionable. Other parents do the opposite and call their children unusual names, or they even invent names. Helen Petrie, a psychologist at Hertfordshire University, says that people who choose unusual names for their children want to show how special they are. However, the children are not always very happy with their parentsí choice. David Bowieís son found the name Zowie to embarrassing that he changed it so Joe. I wonder if Bruce Willis and Demi Mooreís children feel good about their names: Rummer Clenn, Scout LaRue and Talulah Belle! These day itís fashionable to give your child the             name of a place that is important to you: Victoria (Posh Spice) and David Backham decide to call their son Brooklyn because they were in New York when they discovered that Victoria was going to have a baby. Madonna named her daughter Lourdes after the town in France, and ex-US-president, Bill Clinton named his daughter Chelsea after a part of London that he and his wife liked. Personally, I think itís a good idea to give children names of famous people. Leonardo Di Caprio was named after the famous Italian painter, and Liam Gallagher, singer with the band Oasis, called his son Lennon after his hero, John. I wanted to call my first child Elvis, and my husband wanted to call him Pele. Fortunately she was a girl, so we named her after my favourite aunt Ė Blodwen.


Tick the reasons for choosing a name that the article mentions. Put a cross (x) by the reasons the article doesnít mention.

a) because it sounds good

b) because its fashionable

c) because it sounds the same in two languages

d) because it unusual and original

e) because itís the name of a place

f) because itís a religious name

g) because itís the name of a famous person

h) because itís the name of another member of the family


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Risk assessment matrix | Work with a partner. What other reasons can you think of for choosing a name? Think about your family, your friends, and people in the class.
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