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Work with a partner. What other reasons can you think of for choosing a name? Think about your family, your friends, and people in the class.



Complete the following sentences with words from the text above.

a) I think that my name sounds much nicer in my language than in English. (line 5)

b) I wonít have to ____ a decision about names. Iím not going to have my children! (line 7)

c) Iíd like to have an unusual name Ė it would make me ___ special. (line 18)

d) I know exactly what Iím going to ____ my children. (line 23)

e) My parents named me ___ a relative. (line 26)

f) I think itís a good ___ to choose a name thatís easy to say in different languages. (line 31)


Find out if any of the sentences in 1 are true for your partner.


The names of the four people in this family are hidden in the words next to the pictures. Find the common sound in each list of words. Then join these sounds together to find the name.


1 2 3

suggest although strangers

soldier saxophone dangers

jacket postman enters

fridge follow revenge



1 2 3 4

nature heart elephant gives

fetch tomato eleven zero

question calmer golf apples

children marching hopeful those



1 2 3 4

ocean reading castle America

shop complete battle psychology

sugar seventeen arrival water

fishing pieces pills kitchen



1 2 3 4 5

autumn apples eighth university teaspoon

combing parrot thought future juicy

comfortable expand through yellow movement

handsome backache tooth newspaper twenty-two



1. Russia    
2. London  
3.   American English
4. Iceland    
5. Dublin  
6.   Dutch
7. Belgium    
8. Luxembourg  
9.   French
10. Spain    
11. Rome  
12.   Portuguese
13. Norway    
14. Stockholm  
15.   Danish
16. Finland    
17. Berlin  
18.   Polish
19. Switzerland    
20. Vaduz  
21.   Slovak
22. Austria    
23. Monaco  
24.   Hungarian
25. The Czech Republic    
26. Zagreb  
27.   Greek
28. Estonia    
29. Riga  
30.   Lithuanian
31. Romania    
32. Sofia  
33.   Turkish
34. Australia    
35. Ottawa  
36.   Japanese
37. New Zealand    
38. Havana  
39.   Hebrew
40. Egypt    

Living Next Door to Alice Smokey

Sally __________ when she got the word
And she said "I __________ you've heard, 'bout Alice"
Well I rushed to the __________
and I looked __________
I could hardly believe my __________
As a big __________ rode up
onto Alice's drive.

I don't know why she's __________
or where she's gonna __________
I guess she's got her __________
but I just don't wanna __________
'Cos for __________ years
I've been living next door to Alice


__________ years
just waitin' for a __________
To tell her how I __________
and maybe get a __________ glance
Now I gotta get used to __________
living next door to Alice

We grew up __________
two __________ in the park
Carved out initials deep in the dark,
me and Alice
Now she walks through the __________
with her head held high
Just for a __________ I caught her eye
As the big __________ pulled slowly
out of Alice's drive.

Then Sally called __________
and asked how I felt
And she said "I __________ how to help
to get over Alice"
She said "Now Alice is __________
but I'm still __________
You know, I've been waiting
__________ years __________ "
And the big __________ disappeared.

No, I'll never get used to not
living next door to Alice.

Compiled by Alyona Pavlova,
Moscow State University of Printing Arts

Date: 2015-12-11; view: 2847

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Tick the reasons for choosing a name that the article mentions. Put a cross (x) by the reasons the article doesnít mention. | Here are some common words in English that come from Amerindian words Ė from indigenous American languages Ė north, south, and central.
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