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Negative and positive prefixes

Negative prefixes

prefix meaning example
un-     not unmagnetized
in- incomplete
im- impossible
il- illegal
ir- irregular, irrelevant
non- not connected with non-programmable
mis-   bad, wrong misdirect
mal- malfunction
dis- opposite feeling disagree
opposite action disconnect
anti- against antiglare
de- reduce, reverse demagnetize, decode
under- too little underestimate

Positive prefixes

prefix meaning example
re- do again reorganize
over- too much overloaded

2. Prefixes of size:

prefix meaning example
semi- half, partly semisphere
equi- equal equidistant
mini- small minicomputer
micro- very small microcomputer
macro- large, great macroeconomics
mega- megabyte

3. Prefixes of location:

prefix meaning example
inter- between, among interface, interactive
super- over supersonic
trans- across transmit, transfer
ex- out exclude, extrinsic
extra- beyond extraordinary
sub- under subschema
infra- below infra-red
peri- around peripheral

4. Prefixes of time and order:

prefix meaning example
ante- before antecedent
pre- prefix
prime- first primary, primitive
post- after postdated
retro- backward retroactive

5. Prefixes of numbers:

prefix meaning example
semi- half semicircle
mono- one monochromatic
bi- two binary
tri- three triangle
quad- four quadruple
penta- five pentagon
hex- six hexadecimal
sept(em)- seven September
oct- eight octal
dec- ten decimal
multi- many multiplexor

6. Other Prefixes:

prefix meaning example
pro- before, in advance program,
forward progress
auto- self automatic
co- together, with co-ordinate
con- connect


EXERCISE 1. Read the following sentences and circle the prefixes. For each word that has a prefix, try to decide what the prefix means. Refer back to the table if you need help.

1. Floppy disks are inexpensive and reusable.

2. If a printer malfunctions, you should check the interface cable.

3. The multiplexor was not working because someone had disconnected it by mistake.

4. Improper installation of the antiglare shield will make it impossible to read what is on the screen.

5. After you transfer text using the 'cut and paste' feature, you may have to reformat the text you have inserted.

6. You can maximize your chances of finding a job if you are bilingual or even trilingual.

7. Peripheral devices can be either input devices (such as keyboards) or output devices (such as printers).

8. Your pay rise is retroactive to the beginning of June and you will receive a biannual bonus.

9. The octal and hexadecimal systems are number systems used as a form of shorthand in reading groups of four binary digits.

10. As the results are irregular, the program will have to be rewritten.

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