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Choose the right variant

1. "They ____ an excellent vacancy last week. You ____ an opportunity of getting it," he reproached me.

a) had, mustn't miss

b) have had, might not have missed it

c) had, shouldn't have missed

d) were having, couldn't miss


2. He had to earn ____ living at ____ an early age, ____?

a) _____, such, hadn't he

b) his, such, didn't he

c) himself, so, hadn't he

d) to, so, didn't he


3. We ____ a camera because we never _____ a chance to use it.

a) might not have taken, had

b) should not have taken, have had

c) needn't have taken, had

d) mustn't have taken, had had


4. The line is busy; somebody ____ on the telephone now.

a) should be speaking

b) should have been speaking

c) must be speaking

d) can't be speaking


5. You ____ this! See how ___ she is.

a) ought not to say, distressing

b) ought not to have said, distressed

c) wonít be able to say, distressing

d) cannot have said, distressed


6. He says that nothing ____, because it is too ____. But I donít believe a single word ____; they ____ us.

a) should do, lately, of him, mustnít have failed

b) canít be done, late, of his, oughtnít fail

c) mustnít be done, lately, of him, shouldnít have failed

d) can be done, late, of his, canít have failed


7. I managed to come here at half past six. But I ____. They ____.

a) needn't have hurried, had already left

b) needn't hurry, have already left

c) mustn't have hurried, had already left

d) shouldnít hurry, have already left


8. If she doesn't take care of ____, she ____ have a nervous breakdown and ____ to hospital.

a) hers, may, should go

b) her, can, need to go

c) herself, may, may have to go

d) herself, must, must go



9. He ____ his wallet himself, it ____.

a) might lose, couldn't be stolen

b) may have lost, can't have been stolen

c) could have lost, must not have been stolen

d) ought to lose, shouldn't be stolen

10. You ____ a message at least! We ____ for two hours.

a) should send, waited

b) must have sent, were waiting

c) could send, have been waiting

d) might have sent, had been waiting


11. The only trouble is that I ___ my exams in spring and ___ them now.

a) couldn't, have taken, must have

b) couldn't take, must have

c) mustn't have taken, must have had

d) can't take, must have bad


12. The plane ___ at 5 a.m. and in this hurry-scurry she ___ the tickets on the table.

a) had to take off, can leave

b) was to take off, must have left

c) was to take off, neednít leave

d) must have taken off, shouldnít leave


13. Why ____ he take the scandal on himself? It is not ____.

a) must, fairly

b) may, fair

c) should, fair

d) could, fairly


14. You ____ to him. His information is ____.

a) shouldn't listen, misled

b) needn't have listened, misleading

c) can't have listened, misled

d) mustn't have listened, misleading


15. It is not worth ___ to ___ bed of he ____ at five.

a) to go, ____, have to get up

b) going, the, must have got up

c) to have gone, the, is to get up

d) going, ____ , doesn't have to get up

16. They have made me ____ that I ___ selfish about it.

a) think, may have been

b) to think, must be

c) thinking, might have been

d) thought, should have been


17. It ____ late when I ___ home; there were no people in the street.

a) must have been, was going back

b) must be, am going

c) can't have been, was going

d) could not have been, went


18. You ____ worry, you ____ always rely on me in this matter.

a) must not, need

b) need not, may

c) can; need not

d) should, must


19. You ____ this device. It ____ dangerous.

a) couldn't have touched, maybe

b) must not touch, may be

c) shouldn't have touched, ought to be

d) needn't touch, must have been


20. I _____ my job. I _____ you before.

a) needn't have put off, should ask

b) shouldn't have put off, need to ask

c) needn't have put off, should have asked

d) shouldn't put off, should ask


Test 3.


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