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Choose the right variant


1. He ____ for some time before a servant ___ and ___ what he ___.

a) knocked, opened, asked, wanted

b) was knocking, opened, asked, was wanting

c) had been knocking, opened, asked, wanted

d) had knocked, had opened, had asked, had wanted


2. The doctor ___ there ___ nothing to worry about if the fever ___ above 38, 5.

a) said, was, would not go

b) tells, is, will go

c) says, had been, went

d) said, was, did not go


3. I ____ a wash and a brush up before starting to go to the luncheon Tom ___ me to, when they ___ me from the desk to say that he ___ below.

a) had, was invited, were ringing, had been

b) was having, invited, had rung, was

c) was having, had invited, rang, was

d) had been having, had invited, had rung, had been


4. While we __ at ___ lunch, a letter __ to me from my sister.

a) were, __, was delivered

b) had been, a, was being delivered

c) were, the, had been delivered

d) have been, __, has been delivered


5. Some day I ___ to Paris to revisit all the places where I ___ in the time of my youth. I __ them for a quarter of a century or so.

a) will have gone, have lived, havenít seen

b) am going, had lived, did not see

c) will go, lived, havenít seen

d) will be going, had lived, hadnít seen


6. Hardly ___ asleep __ an alarm clock ___ .

a) have I gone, than, will ring

b) had I gone, when, rang

c) I had gone, that, had rung

d) was I going, as, was ringing


7. We ____ continue our research unless he ___ us.

a) canít, wonít help

b) will not be able to, does not help

c) can, will help

d) wonít be able to, helps


8. We ____ him in many moods, but none of us ___ him to do a cruel thing.

a) see, ever know

b) see, donít ever know

c) have seen, have known

d) have seen, havenít ever known


9. He needed to feel that he ___, that he ___ here, and that his word

a) was being listened to, was commanding, was always obeyed

b) is being listened to, is commanding, is always obeyed

c) was listened to, was being commanding, was always being obeyed

d) is listened to, is being commanding, was always being obeyed


10. Look! What ___ beautiful view! The sun ___ yet, but the grey sky __ near the horizon.

a) ___, was not appeared, is parted

d) ___, did not appear, parted

c) the, has not been appeared, has parted

d) a, has not appeared, is parted


11. When he saw that someone ____ at him, he did not immediately realize who this someone ___.

a) looked, is

b) was looking, was

c) has been looking, is

d) had looked, was being



12. While our coffee ___, I ____ him our sad story which impressed him__.

a) was making, told, greatly

b) was being made, said, great

c) had been made, told, great

d) was being made, told, greatly


13. It ___ in the night, but now there ___ sunshine.

a) has rained, was

b) had rained, had been

c) is raining, is being

d) has been raining, is


14. As he___ the room that morning, Ann __ up the letter which she __.

a) was entered, was holding, had just received

b) was entering, has held, has just received

c) entered, was holding, had just received

d) had entered, held, has just received


15. I ___ a note with the address of the hotel and the boyís name into his pocket ___ he ___ his way.

a) have put, provided, will lose

b) will put, providing, will have lost

c) have put, in case, lost

d) will have put, when, have lost


16. They ___, but as they ____ me there ___ a hush.

a) were talking, saw, was

b) are balking, have seen, had been

c) had been talking, will see, would be

d) have been talking, had seen, will be


17. Come on, if the sun ___ before we __ home, we ___ our way.

a) has set, reach, will lose

b) will have set, will reach, lose

c) will have set, reach, will lose

d) has been set, will reach, lose



18. ___when he ___ her for first time

a) Tell me, has met

b) Say me, had met

c) Say to me, net

d) Tell me, met


19. He was tired and by the time I ___, he ___ asleep.

a) have come, has fallen

b) came, fell

c) came, had fallen

d) had come, had fallen


20. The great majority of students ____ present at the conference, ___ great number of them ___ to listen to your lecture and each of them __ ready to answer your questions.

a) are, A, want, is

b) are, The, want, is

c) is, A, want, are

d) is, The, wants, has been


Test 2.

Modal Verbs

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