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Visiting the Doctor

Receptionist: Doctor Brown's office.

Mr. Ñ1ark: Good morning. I want to make an appointment to see Dr Brown this morning, please.

R.: Certainly, sir. Would 9.45 be all right?

Mr. C.: Yes, that'll do very well.

R.: And your name, please, sir?

Mr. C.: My name is (Mr) Clark.

R.: Thank you, sir. Good morning.

(Some time later, at 9.45.)

R.: Good morning, Mr Clark. Dr Brown is ready for you now. Would you go in, please?

Dr. B.: Good morning, Mr Clark. What's wrong with you?

Mr. C.: I have an awful headache that I can't get rid of, Doctor. And my throat seems sore.

Dr. B.: Let me have a look at the throat first. Have you taken your temperature?

Mr. C.: No, I'm afraid I haven't.

Dr. B.: Just put this thermometer under your tongue, then. (Later.) Yes, it is as I thought. You have a slight fever. I'm afraid you are catching the flu. You must go straight home to bed and keep warm. Have plenty of hot milk. It'll help bring your temperature down. If the headache gets too bad, you can take two aspirins. But don't forget that it takes about a few days to get back to normal after this kind of flu.

Mr. C.: Thank you, Doctor. I'll do as you say. Good morning.


Dialogue 2.

Read the following dialogue.

Render the contents of the dialogue in indirect speech


A. Good morning, doctor.

B. Good morning, Kate. What do you complain of?

A. I feel bad. I have a headache, and I am afraid I am running a temperature.

B. Well, here's the thermometer to take your tem­perature. I see that you don't look well.

A. Besides, I have a cold in the head and my throat is sore.

B. What is your temperature?

A. Thirty-seven and five.

B. Open your mouth and show me your throat. 0h yes, your throat is red. Strip to the waist. Let me listen to your heart and lungs. Breathe.

A. What's the matter with me, doctor?

B. You have a bad cold, Kate. You must stay in bed for two days, until your temperature is normal and you stop coughing.

A. How I hate being ill and staying in bed!

B. But if you are not careful, you may fall ill with the flu or pneumonia. I'll prescribe you some medicine. Ask your mother to go to the chemist's and get the medicine.

A. How do I take the medicine?

B. A table spoonful three times a day.

A. And what should I take for headache?

B. I'll give you a tablet for headache. But the main thing for you is to go home and stay in bed. If you don't feel better, call me in. Good-bye.

A. Thank you, doctor. Good-bye.


Dialogue 3.

Complete the open dialogue and dramatize it. Work in pairs.

Use the vocabulary of the unit


At the Doctor's

Doctor: Good morning, Mr Thompson. What's the trouble?

Mr. Thompson:________________

D.: Any pain?

Mr. Th.: ____________

D.: Please strip to the waist and lie down on the examination couch. I shall examine you.

̀r. Th.: ____________

D.: I'm afraid it's pneumonia and you must have penicillin injections. Go straight home and I'll send you a nurse immediately.

Mr. Th.: ____________

D.: Certainly, for at least a week or ten days. There's a prescription. Take a spoonful of this medicine three times a day.

Mr. Th.: ____________

D.: Oh, don't mention it, please. Make sure to follow my instructions. Good-bye.


Dialogue 4.

Complete the open dialogue and dramatize it. Work in pairs.

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