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Read and dramatize the following dialogue


A. . My son is travelling with us. He is just a little over four. Shall I pay for him?

B. No. Children under five may travel free. Anything else?

A. Do you have tickets for the seven-twenty-five (train) to Sochi tomorrow?

B. B. How many tickets?

A. Two, please.

B. Just a minute. Let me see... Well, I can let you have two tickets but the seats are in different carriages. Will that do?

A. I am afraid not. What about the day after tomorrow?

B. Yes, we have some upper berths in a compartment car, if you like.

A. We won't have to change trains, I hope?

B. No, it's a through train.

A. All right, I'll take the tickets.

B. Here you are.

A. I've got a question.

How long does it take to get to Sochi, please?

A. I think something like seventy hours. Ask for the exact information at the inquiry office over there. They'll give you all the information you want.

A. Thank you.

Dialogue 4.

Learn the following dialogue by heart


Porter: Any luggage, madam?

Mrs. Jones: Yes, the two cases here. Iíll keep this brief-case.

P. Iíll take your luggage to be weighed, madam. Youíll find the ticket desk straight across the hall.

Mrs. J.: Thank you.

Receptionist: Good morning.

Mrs. J.: Good morning. I have a ticket for flight BEA 987.

R.: May I see your ticket, please?

Mrs. J.: Here it is.

R.: Is this your luggage?

Mrs. J.: Thatís right.

R.: Your luggage is underweight. Here is your ticket and this is your luggage label, which you show at your destination when you get your luggage.

Mrs. J.: Thank you. Where do I have to wait?

R.: Will you go upstairs to gate 3 and wait for the announcement of your flight.

Announcer: British European Airways announce the departure of their flight BEA 987. Passengers travelling on this flight are requested to proceed to gate 3 for customs and immigration formalities.

R.: (At Gate 3) Have your passport ready. This way, please.


Dialogue 5.

Complete the open dialogue. Use the vocabulary of the unit


Mr. Brown: Flight BEA 783, tourist class, single, please.

Booking clerk: Fifty pounds, please.

Mr. Brown:__________________

B.C. Youíll find the ticket desk further on your left.

Mr. Brown:__________________Porter!

Porter. Is this your luggage, sir?

Mr. Brown: _________________

Ticket desk receptionist. Good evening. Can I help you?

Mr. Brown:_________________

Receptionist: May I see your ticket, please?

Mr. Brown:_________________

R. :Here is your ticket and your luggage label. Your plane takes off in half an hour. Your flight will be announced soon.

Mr. Brown: ________________



1. Fill in prepositions where necessary


1. You needn't go ... the booking office: it is possible to book ... phone ... advance.

2. Please, I want two lower berths ... the Sevastopol express ... Saturday, the second ... May.

3. I was looking ... the porthole and saw how our plane took ....

4. I can give you one upper berth .... a separate compartment.

5. The train ... Sochi leaves ... eleven-twenty-three ... platform three, track five.

6. When did you last travel ... railway?

7. Planes fly ... a speed ... over eight hundred kilometres ... an hour.

8. She bought two tickets ... a through train ... Kiev.

9. Fast trains only stop ... large stations, while slow trains stop ... all stations.

10. The eleven-fifteen is a fast train ... sleeping accomodation.

11. The train ... Minsk is ... platform three.

12. When does the plane ... Warsaw take ... ?

13. Our train leaves ... eight-twenty-five ... platform three.

14. We got tickets ... the fast train ... Ekaterinburg.

15. Why is there no train ... Portsmouth today?

16. Arriving ... the station where he was to change ... the Moscow train, he went... the inquiry office to find out what platform his train started ....

17. We had to go ... Moscow ... a slow train because there were no tickets ... a fast train ... the booking office.

18. Our plane took ... ... nine o'clock ... the morning.

19. We rang ... the air-travel booking office and reserved seats ... a plane ... the tenth ... July.

20. It takes you only an hour to get ... Moscow ... plane.

21.1 could not get a ticket ... a plane and had to stand ... a long queue to get a seat... a train ... St. Petersburg.


22. There are a lot ... trains going ... St. Petersburg ... Moscow every day. Many ... them are overnight trains ... sleeping accommodation, and some ... them are day coaches ... sitting accommodation only.


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