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Read the following announcement and if you are not married write your own announcement

“Nice girl of 29, 175 cm, good figure, light hair, kind, gentle, and a civil engineer, is looking for a generous, optimistic man of 26-35 years”.

“Intellectual, romantic and artistic man wants to make happy a young girl who is gentle, well-bred and beautiful in all respects, and who loves nature, travel and home life”. “Looking for a woman with a musical, choreographic or language education ...”

“I’m 30, 165 cm, looking for a man no older than 40, educated, able to understand an other person and take into consideration his character and interests. If he has children, that’s great.”

“If you are fond of travel, sleepless nights and songs by the campfire, and need a friend by your side, i.e., a wife, then we should meet”.



5. Agree or disagree with the following statements by using the phrases like: I (fully/partly) agree. I couldn’t agree more. (I am afraid) I disagree. Try to prove your point

1. A married woman should stay at home and keep the home fires burning.

2. It’s stupid to get married before you are twenty five.

3. Marriage is hard work.

4. All happy families are happy in the same way but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

5. It takes two to make a marriage and it takes two to break it.

6. A woman, especially if she is married shouldn’t work if her husband earns enough to support the family.



Read the stories and anecdotes


1.Daddy’s Little Girl


One evening a little girl was sitting with her father in the living room. They were both reading. He was reading the newspaper and she was reading a book, but every once in a while she found a word that she didn’t understand and asked him to explain it to her.

«Daddy,» she said, «what’s a gossip?»

«A gossip,» said her father, «is someone who repeats unpleasant things about other people, someone who talks about people behind their back.»

«Oh,” she said,» «you mean like Mrs. Stein.»

«That’s right,» said her father, and he continued reading his paper.

A few moments later, she interrupted him again.

«Daddy,» she said, «what’s a bore?»

«A bore,» said her father, trying to be patient, «is a person who is not interesting, a person who talks about himself all the time, for example.»

«Oh, you mean someone like Mr. Kelly?» she asked.

«Exactly,» answered her father, returning to his paper.

«Daddy?» she said, with a question in her voice.

«Yes?» said her father, losing his patience. «What is it now?»

«Daddy,» said the little girl, «what’s a pain in the neck?»

Her father put down his newspaper, looked at her tenderly, and said, «A pain in the neck is a little girl who keeps asking her father questions while he’s trying to read the newspaper.»

2. The Browns recently moved into a new house. One Saturday, the father took his car out of the garage and was washing it when a neighbor came by. The neighbor stopped and commented, «That’s a nice car. Is it yours?» «Sometimes,» the father answered. The neighbor was surprised. «Sometimes?» he said. «What do you mean?» «Well,» the father answered, «when there’s a party, it belongs to my daughter. When there’s a football game, it belongs to my son. When I’ve washed the car and it looks really nice and clean, it belongs to my wife. And when it needs gas, it’s mine».



1. Life line (by yourself).

Procedure: What have been the 5 most important events of your life? When did they happen? What do you think willbe an important event in the future? Write the events on your PERSONAL LIFE LINE.



1960 1970 1980 1990 2000




I was I started I got married I visited the I hope I will

born school I got a Master’s United States get a Doctor’s

degree degree


My Personal Life Line



1970 1980 1990 2000 2010



2. Life line (with a Partner )

Procedure: Show your Personal Life Line to your Partner. Talk about the important events of your Lives. Fill in the chart below with information about your partner’s 5 most important events. Ask questions with WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW.


¹ What was the event? When did it happen? Where did it happen? How did you feel?
What will the event be? When will it happen? Where will it happen? How will you feel?

Numbers in my life

Procedure: Guessing; giving personal information. Each student thinks of a number which is important in his or her life – a date, a telephone or house number, an age, or whatever. A volunteer writes his or her number on the board, and the others try to guess what it is and why it is important (19 P.58).


Let’s share


Here is a chart of important social events and ways that they are observed in the United States. After you discuss these American customs with your class, write how you observe these occasions in your culture.


Event Celebration in the United States Celebration in Your Country
  Birth   Friends give a baby shower for expectant mother; gift for baby; flowers for mother in the hospital; send birth announcement to friends; send greeting cards to new parents  
  Marriage Engagement: Fiancé gives future wife a ring, usually with a diamond; bride’s friends give bridal showers where bride receives household gifts; friends of the groom give him a «stag party».   Wedding: Guests attend the ceremony and, if invited, a reception afterwards; guests give gifts, usually of expensive silver, china or glassware, or money.    
  Wedding anniversary Husband and wife spend the evening together or go out with friends. On twenty-fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversary, family and friends give the couple a special party and bring them presents.    
  Death Funeral home: Friends gather at the funeral home or chapel to pay their respects, offer condolences; they send flowers or make a contribution to a charity in the name of the deceased.   Funeral: Family and close friends go to the religious service and then to the cemetery to pay their respects.    


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