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Vaccines and immune sera

06 08 One of the medicines for wide usage is obtained by inactivation of bacterial exotoxin with phormaldehide. Which purpose does it use for?

  1. *For active immunization
  2. For immunocorrection
  3. For treatment of toxemia
  4. For passive immunization
  5. For serodiagnostics

07 Bacterial preparations are subdivided into groups according to their purpose and production principles. What group do the preparation for initiation of active immunity relate to?

  1. Bacteriophages
  2. Immune sera
  3. Immunoglobulins
  4. *Vaccines
  5. Monoclonal antibodies

LB/ A factory of biological medicines some types of vaccines are produced. Which from the list belongs to group of obligate usage?

  1. Anti measles vaccine
  2. Anti rabies vaccine
  3. Plague vaccine
  4. Anti enteric fever
  5. Anti influenza vaccine

06 According to schedule of vaccination specific prophylaxis of measles are made for children at age of 1 year. Which type of vaccine is used for this?

  1. Gene-engineering
  2. *Alive
  3. Chemical
  4. Toxoid
  5. Inactivated

LB/ Low level of immune status is contraindications for vaccination against poliomyelitis due to development of paralytic form of poliomyelitis. What type of medicine may cause such form of infection?

    1. Sabin vaccine
    2. Solk vaccine
    3. DPT vaccine
    4. BCG vaccine
    5. TABte vaccine

04 Associated vaccine DPT is used for prevention of child infections. Indicate the type of vaccine against whooping cough that is a part of this vaccine.

  1. Toxoid
  2. *Inactivated
  3. Gene-engineeering
  4. Chemical
  5. Attenuated

LB/ during production of vaccine for enteric fever prevention bacteria of virulent strain were cultivated on the optimal nutrient medium. Then cells were separated from culture fluid by centrifugation and treated with formaldehyde. Which type does this vaccine belong to?

  1. Inactivated
  2. Attenuated
  3. Chemical
  4. Toxoid
  5. Autovaccine

B-2 To produce antitetanus gamma-globulin hyperimmunization of donors with tetanus toxoid is made. Which class of immunoglobulins is prevalent in this medicine?

  1. Ig G
  2. IgA
  3. IgM
  4. IgD
  5. IgE

B-2 For specific prophylaxis of diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough vaccine DPT is used that contains microorganisms and inactivated with formaldehyde exotoxins. What type of vaccine does it belong to?

  1. Associated
  2. Gene-engineering
  3. Toxoides
  4. Chemical
  5. Alive

B-2 Genes of hepatitis B virus that are responsible for HBsAg synthesis were integrated with yeast cell genome. This cell was used in production of prophylactic medicine for prevention of this disease. What is this?

  1. Recombinant vaccine
  2. Associated vaccine
  3. Eubiotic
  4. Chemical vaccine
  5. Autovaccine

B-2 recombinant vaccine is used for hepatitis B prevention. It is made from yeasts which genome has been integrated with one gene of hepatitis B antigens. Name the antigen against which immunity will be formed:

  1. HBsAg
  2. HBcAg
  3. HBeAg
  4. HBsAg and HBeAg
  5. HBeAg and HBcAg

LB/ Hospital ordered medicines in pharmacy company that were used for diagnostics of infectious diseases. These medicines are used to reveal infectious allergic state of patient. What is the name of such medicines?

  1. Allergenes
  2. Diagnosticum
  3. Diagnostic sera
  4. Immunoglobulines
  5. Toxoids

2012 LB/ immune sera are used for seroprophylaxis and serotherapy of infectious diseases. What type of immunity is formed with them?

A. Artificial passive immunity

B. Natural active immunity

C. Artificial active immunity

D. Natural passive immunity

E. Species innate immunity

LB/ Patient with trauma was passively prevented against wound infection after primary surgery of wound. Which medicine is used for this?

  1. Immune serum
  2. Toxoid
  3. Normal serum
  4. Alive vaccine
  5. Antibiotics

LB/ At practical usage of therapeutic antitoxic sera patient is always injected with exact doses. Which unit is used for detection activity of such sera?

A. International

B. Hemolytic

C. Bacteriostatic

D. Lethal

E. Flocculating

LB/ A preparation made from the blood of hyper immunized horses and used for treatment and prevention of tetanus is produced at pharmaceutical plant. What is active component of this medicine?

A. Gamma-globulin

B. Toxoid

C. Interferon

D. Complement

E. Fibronectin

LB/ A patient with severe trauma was made with surgical wound cleaning and given with antitetanus serum. What type of immunity has been formed in result of injection of this medicine?

A. Acquired passive

B. Acquired active

C. Natural passive

D. Natural active

E. Innate species


LB/ due to case of measles infection there is necessity to manage prevention measures in student group. Which medicine should be used to create artificial passive immunity?

A. Normal human immunoglobulin

B. Inactivated vaccine

C. Alive vaccine

D. DPT vaccine

E. Anti measles serum

LB/ A patient with acute form of infectious disease needs current injection of immune serum. To prevent anaphylactic shock it must be given gradually with great carefulness. Which method is used for it?

A. By Bezredka

B. By Erlich

C. By Remer

D. By Ramon

E. By Aujesko


A pregnant woman was registered in an antenatal clinic and underwent complex examination for a number of infections. Blood serum contained IgM to the rubella virus. What is this result

indicative of?

A Of primary infection

B Of a chronic process

C The woman is healthy

D Of exacerbation of a chronic disease

E Of recurring infection with rubella virus


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