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Exercise 2. Read the parts of an airport dialogue below and put them in the correct order. Practice the dialogue with a partner. Make up your own dialogues.


Good morning, sir! May I help you?
Thank you very much. Good-bye!

Yes, please. I booked a flight to Madrid for this morning. Can I check-in here?



Certainly. Here they are. Is it an aisle seat or a window seat? I forgot to mention that I would prefer an aisle seat if possible.
Match the words with their definitions:  
a) departure lounge b) delay c) cabin d) valuables e) checked baggage f) attached g) gate h) board i) destination j) passenger  
1) bags that do not go into passengersí cabin 2) area where passengers wait 3) connected 4) a person who travels by plane 5) slow down or cause to be late 6) security area where you get on the plane 7) things that you own that cost a lot of money 8) the place that the plane is heading to 9) get on a plane, train or boat 10) area in the plane where passengers sit.    
Let me checkÖ No problem, sir. We still have a few aisle seats available. Here is your boarding pass. Please go to gate 12, you will board the plane there. Have a nice trip.




Travel and holidays

Which responses go with these sentences? Write the correct letter in the space.

1. Did you book, Madame? ___e____

2. Do you know the exchange rate? ______

3. Do you have the complaint, sir? ______

4. Have you anything to declare? ______

5. How about a self-catering villa in Tunisia? _____

6. I reckon we should check in now. ______

7. Did you make an insurance claim? ______

8. Letís get a package holiday? ______

9. Have you registered, Madame? ______

10. Please proceed to the baggage reclaim. ______


a. Isnít it a bit early? The flightís not for another two hours.

b. Yes. We got the full value of the camera and a bit for the damaged suitcase.

c. Will you do that while I try phoning? There are three cases, remember.

d. Just this bottle of perfume. Do I have to pay duty on it?

e. Yes. One double room for four days. The name is Mr.Smith.

f. Isnít that a bit adventurous? I think it would be more fun to find hotels and transport when we get there - and it may be cheaper, too.

g. Thatís a great idea. Then we can get food from the market and take it in turns cooking.

h. Yes. It seems to be impossible to regulate the air-conditioning.

i. Yes. We signed in and left our passports with you this morning.

j. Yes. Itís about 1.6 Swiss Francs to the dollar.

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