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Travelling by plane

Air terminal





Immigration form

Hijack (highjack)

Departure lounge

Carry-on luggage



Excess luggage

To take off


Aisle seat

Window seat



Boarding pass

Anti-hijacking system

Check-in desk (counter)

Direct flight

Flight with stop over

Seat belt

To fasten the seat belt

Air sickness

Scheduled flight

Delayed flight

Hand luggage

Left-luggage office

to deposit one’s luggage

to collect one’s luggage

to have one’s luggage labelled

Luggage rack

Lost and Found

Luggage claim area


Exercise 1. Using active words above make a story about travelling and tell it to your group mates. Share your experience travelling by plane.

Exercise 2. Read the text below and choose the word which best fits each space. There is the example at the beginning (0).


Passengers (0) travelling (travelling/ going/ waiting/ wanting) on a flight from Washington to London were in 1) _________ (for/ at/ on/ with) a very long wait. They had 2) _________ (still/ already/ however/ yet) been waiting eight uncomfortable hours for take off, only to be 3) _______ (said/ told/ mentioned/ announced) that the flight was 4) ________ (late/ retarded/ dalayed/ behind) even further. The cabin crew advised passengers to take pillows and blankets from the overhead lockers in 5) _______ (case/ order/ time/ turn) to sleep inside the airport terminal. Many passengers 6) _______ (mislaid/ wasted/ missed/ lost) their tempers and flights broke 7) _______ (up/ off/ out/ down). People shouted and and 8) ______ (asked/ applied/ demanded/ took). A member of the staff panicked and called the airport security guards. A 9) _______ ( few/ number/ couple/ little) lucky passengers were put on alternative flights, 10) _________ (although/ even/ in spite/ despite) about 100 others spent the next day in the airport. Many people missed connecting flights and 11) ________ (should/ would/ could/ had) be delayed for several days. First class passengers were 12) _______ (still/ many/ more/ much) fortunate. They were put 13) _______ (up/ off/ out/ about) in luxury hotels and provided with food and drink. Other passengers had to be content with vouchers for a meal, as the airline staff were not able to find hotels with 14) ______ (much/ enough/ too/ a lot) free rooms to accommodate them. One woman carried a silver horseshoe for a 15) ______ (fortune/ chance/luck/ probability). As she said, “it didn’t work this time!”


Exersice 3. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.



It was a beautiful sunny day - perfect (0) for what I has planned. I left home with my parents and we drove (1) … the local airport, where we (2) … booked atrial flight. It (3) … £120 for half an hour. (4) … we turned into the entrance, I felt a mixture of emotions. On the (5)… hand, I felt confident and excited but, on the other, I felt a (6) ... scared.

The pilot greeted me (7).. a friendly smile and led me to a small aeroplane. I got in, and was at once reminded (8) … the time when I had had driving lessons. The plane hads dual controls. The pilot briefly (9) … the functions of the (10)… important instruments, and then we moved on to the runway. At this point, the instructor was (11) … complete control. We sped down the runway and (12)… off. We hit a little turbulence and my immediate reaction was to reach (13) … the door handle! The we settled down. We flew along the south coast, over land and sea, and gradually I took (14) … of the plane, changing direction and altering the speed. (15)… the pilot’s guidance, I managed to land the plane. It was an unbelievably exciting experience!


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