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Exercise 8. Select two appropriate words to fill each gap.

1. You cannot board the plane unless you have a boarding ________/__________

A. Pass B. permit C. card D. license

2. Eventually, we managed to book a seat on a __________/___________ flight to Cairo.

A. Charter B. straight C. stand-by D. direct

3. The seats in ________/__________ class were a little wider than in economy.

A. Commercial B. executive C. exclusive D. business

4. The plane’s takeoff was delayed due to ________/_________ visibility on the runway.

A. Poor B. meager C. deficient D. limited

5. The pilot advised us to expect a(n) _______/________ landing.

A. Uneven B. coarse C. rough D. bumpy

6. After take-off, we settled down to watch the in-flight _________/________.

A. Programme B. movie C. entertainment D. feature

7. I asked the person at the check-in if I could have a(n) ________/_______seat.

A. Gangway B. starboard C. window D. aisle

8. During the flight we encountered some _________/_________ turbulence.

A. Heavy B. grave C. stern D. severe



· look though the following travel guides, learn the essential vocabulary. Imagine or share your experience of being there. Role-play the situation in mini-dialogues.


· Or present yourself as travel agent whose task is to introduce different tours (NY, Rome, Paris, Miami). Some of you may represent South America, Africa, Asia, Indonesia. You should think why these places will be interesting to your clients and try to sell the tour. Embrace all means of travelling.

New York City Travel Guide Depending on where you happen to be standing, walking, eating, sleeping, New York is either the most overwhelming and chaotic city in America or the warmest, most romantic town on earth. For all the bright-lights-big-city grandeur (Midtown’s twinkling canyons, Wall Street’s intensity), one can always find a charmingly quiet neighborhood where the world feels no wider than a sidewalk stoop – and all these lie within mere blocks of one another. The trick is balancing the city’s outsize spectacle with the intimate experiences that New York so improbably sustains.


Rome Travel Guide Several years past its third millennium mark, the warmest of European capitals is more captivating than ever. Rome’s dramatic physique, from her majestic antiquities to her sinuous baroque curves, has been thrown into even higher relief by a modern trend that has made its presence felt in a major way: in hotels, restaurants, and shops that have adopted a more current, international aesthetic. Traditionalists needn’t worry, however – Rome is still very much enamored of her past, and you can find old-school establishments all over town if you know where to look. While the Coliseum and the Vatican still loom large in the skyline and identity of Rome, you’ll discover the true soul of the city away from the big sights – in neighborhood coffee bars and trattorias, and from riders of Vespas exchanging boisterous greetings while passing on cobblestone backstreets. For a city this stylish and accomplished, Rome’s remarkable accessibility, even for first-time or short-term visitors, is her most generous asset.
Paris Travel Guide Few cities have honed their swoon-inducing skills as well as this one: every cobbled lane, every street side café, every patisserie window seems to have been art-directed by some impossibly savvy set designer; every passerby apparently costumed by a couturier. Paris spoils you for everywhere else – yet somehow, despite centuries at the epicenter of global tourism, it has never spoiled itself. (No city has so successfully navigated the tricky business of historic preservation.) And although Paris does grandeur and drama better than any place, its greatest pleasures are arguably its simplest ones: the rustic charm of a humble neighborhood bistro; the tranquility of a churchyard; the lilt of a jazz combo; the crunch of a perfect baguette. Best of all, such indulgences are easily accessible and affordable (and often outright free). When was the last time your heart quickened by the mere act of walking down the street?
Miami Travel Guide Even after a century of existence, Miami still has the feel of a place that went up last night. From the beginning, climate and geography-sultry air, lush tropical vegetation, the glistening waters of Biscayne Bay have dictated the character and demeanor of this languid city devoted to pleasure, one far more Latin American/Caribbean than North American in tone. Today's Miami, full of sophisticated hotels, restaurants, museums, and architecture, may be America's most modern metropolis: unfettered by historical baggage, eminently multicultural, and always up for trying something new.



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