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... winter came, the days became shorter. as

… British drink far too much tea. The

…., he decided to go to the Far East. Having graduated from the university

Adrian takes no interest in clothes. He'll wear... .anything

Alice ….her mother in London most weekends. Sees

Bob wants the money. Please give ... to him. It.

California relies heavily on income from fruit crops, and….So does Florida.

Do ... know the young man ... name is Patrick? You / whose.

Eleven thousand nine hundred and thirty-four. 11934.

Everyone in the group shook hands with ... each other

Extraordinary abilities in mathematics... in the boy, so he was transfered to the mathematical school. Had been displayed.

Harry didn't think the book was very interest.... -ing

He ... for me for 20 minutes at the entrance to the theatre. Has been waiting

He has been unemployed ... he left college. During.

He made Ann the letter. Write.

He makes me… Laugh.

He speaks as if he London himself. had visited

He... for me for 20 minutes at the entrance to the theatre. Has been waiting

How do you usually get to the ... underground station? Nearest.

I am not acquainted with Wales customs. ... I.Neither am.

I asked him ... not to go away.

I asked him .... Not to go away.

I asked the director to do it. whether he would be able.

I cannot excuse you, unless you ... me what the problem is. Tell.

I chanced ... Mary in the street yesterday. To meet.

I don’t like her. She always .... Complains.

I don't like this fish. It's not very well cook.... -ed

I drink… fruit juice. A lot of.

I felt somebody ... my shoulders. Patting.

I had very ... friends at the University. few

I have got... pencils. I can give you ... Many, some

I just had to take the dog out... of the awful weather. In spite

I like working with computers.So do I.

I thought that she ... that he ... the first place in the chess tournament? Knew; had taken.

I wish I had more help

I... to meet her in the library today. Am.

I'm hungry. If only I ... a sandwich with me. had

It’s high time we ... the report for consideration have submitted

Janet was out of breath because…she’d been running

John is good at tennis but Richard is …. Better.

Let... fly to China next week. Us.


Please remember: traffic ... Britain keeps ... the left! In/to.

Please, add ... more tea in my cup. Some

She always ... him since he started working here. Has trusted.

She asked: "What is your name?" She asked what my name was

She likes living in a warm climate ? Doesn’t she.

She was invited to this conference ... a specialist in medicine.As.

She… a small girl. Looks like.

Something has gone ... with my iron.Wrong

The director told his secretary ... the message straight away.To deliver.

The football game had been ... due to rain. Cancelled.

The librarian asked us ... so much noise. not to make

The news ... so shocking. Was.

The size of the pupil in the eye… good indicator of a person's interest, emotion, attitude and thought processes. Is a.

The southern part of Kazakhstan land is ... Mountainous

The speaker ... the members of the government in strong terms. Was criticizing.

The teacher begged the students…. to classes the next day. To not come.

There ...only one Xerox in the department. It's not enough for 10 officers. Is

They can’t have …. more strawberries. I want… any, some

They have ... paper than we have. Less.

Walking mountains is sometimes a ... trip. Dangerous

We ... pupils two years ago. Were.

We were very tired. We went all the way ... foot. On.

What... the news?Is.

When you go abroad, ... very attentive. be

Who... questions? Has.

Why ... your clothes so dirty? Are.

You're off to Bangkok, you say? What a ... ! So am I. Coincidence.


Choose the correct variant of prefix:

Her shyness was a ... advantage in a company.’Dis-.


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