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Choose the correct answer.

Answer the question

What are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to winter holidays,

What is the largest state in the USA? Alaska.

Which of the expressions is out of order? Give him a good lesson.


Change the Direct Speech into the Indirect Speech

“I will come tomorrow and finish the work,” the worker said to me. The worker promised he would come the next day and finish the work.


Choose an antonym to:

Attend (v) to miss classes


Choose an appropriate preposition:

Cats are afraid …dogs. Of.

We are proud ... our country. Of.


Choose antonym to the underlined words.

Such a matter a girl can be allowed to arrange for herself. Forbidden

The mother gave her sun a shilling to spend at his discretion. Indiscretion


Choose one alternative for the underlined word or phrase:

What's the time? - It's a quarter to seven. 6:45


Choose the appropriate form:

... an orphan at six, he was brought up by a distant relative. Being.

… with great force the stone reached the opposite bank. Being thrown.

…. the invitation, I felt a sense of relief. Having sent.

…. with great force the stone reached the opposite bank. Being thrown.

A lot depends on … the mistakes at once. Your pointing out.

A lot depends on…the

Mistakes at…once.

Your pointing out.

Do you object to here? Our smoking.

He is in the habit of…. before breakfast. Smoking.

He seems something. To be writing.

He wanted the arrangements…. early in the month. To be completed.

He was very sorry… so many lessons just before the exam. To have missed.

I can’t remember my father of the book. Having talked.

I can’t understand ... children like that. Neglecting.

I don’t remember him before. Having seen.

I don’t remember…him before. I laving seen.

I have known him… three years. For.

I remembered…. the door when I left but 1 forgot to shut the windows. Having locked.

I wrote him a friendly letter… him for his help. Thanking.

I’m going to Paris for a meeting next week. I… come the same day. It depends on how long the meeting goes on. Might.

It has been raining…. lunch time. Since.

Letters…. by my sister are difficult to read. Written

Please forgive me to you. Not writing.

She does not want____ in the rain. To be caught.

Some people do not like plays… from novels. Taken.

Stones…. into the water go to the bottom. Thrown.

The answer ….from the sellers greatly surprised us. Received.

There are a lot of nice ... in our country. Cities.

There is ... at the door. Anyone.

There is ... to eat Nothing.

Those ... hats are on the table. Men’s.

We were interested in other people, no matter where we met them. Knowing.


Choose the BEST answer.

I have… been late for school.Never


Choose the best word or phrase.

Huygens' astronomical observations required an exact means of measuring time, and he was ... led in 1656 to invent the pendulum clock. Thus


Choose the CORRECT adverb to complete the sentence:

It's a ... cheap restaurant and the food is ... good. reasonably, extremely

Scott and Tracy have only met once before. They ... know each other. hardly


Choose the correct answer.

… do you go on Sunday? To the library.Where.

…. people don’t like rock music. Some.

…. You have dinner at

This time every evening? Do.

….. Do you ___ get to the University By bus. How.

….time does the News start? At 8.00 o’clock. What.

…I a doctor? Am.

…people don’t______ like

rock__________ music. Some.

…TV-set is good. His.

A pessimist is a person who always expects bad things to . Happen.

Can you help me ...my homework? With.

He … read at the age of four. Could.

He ….the work if____ you

help _________ him. Will finish.

He promised he would return the book as soon as he ... .had read

He thought that the professor ... from the University in 1944. Had graduated.

He… the work if you help him. Will finish.

He…. the work on time if he uses this updated application. Will finish.

His father is…. lawyer. A.

I want to stay … home this _ evening. At.

Look at…beautiful_______ flowers!


Look….this photo my….girlfriend. At/of.

Mr Sandford ... his son is going to London. Says

Mv brother works at an office He.

My mother …. my______ favorite dish t

Tomorrow. Will cook.

Peter is… in the class. The tallest.

Please come… my….party… Saturday


Scientists claim that oil pollution is now cause of death among sea birds. The most common

She looks…. passengers. After.

She serves people food and drink. With.

Suddenly ….cloud grew darker. The.

Take… bags …. into the kitchen. These.

The exams…be…next month Will.

The phone is…. the computer. Next to.

The train arrives Rome…. 4p.m. In/at.

They have… butter. Some.

Tom is…the garden… his friend Sam


We… have dinner in the restaurant. Do not.

What you doing when I rang you up? Were.

Where ...the car? Did you park.

Who… Jane ____ meet? Did.

Wrote to her but…letters never arrived.The.


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