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... Crimea is in ... South of our country. The, the

2.035.325 words two million, thirty-five thousand, three hundred and twenty-five

According to Ushinsky life without serious work can neither be worthy nor ... Happy.

Almas has got. apple. an

At 11 in ... morning ... weather was fine and we had ... long walk in ... park The / the / a / the.

At the Generals funeral we ... we would never forget our Commandant. Swore.

Can I turn off the TV?""..... it?" Are they watching.

Do I have to get ready now? -Yes, it's time we .Went.

Dont you wish you had come earlier?

Excuse me, sir. Im stranger here. A.

Great Britain and Ireland are separated by the ... . Irish Sea.

He always feels.. .when he comes to his native town. Happy

He comes home very .... Late

He drove (careful) along the narrow road.Carefully.

He prefers coffee ... cocoa. To

He will be the first. and the last to go. To come.

I . with you, but I had to study. would have gone

I could do it today if I had any free time

I didnt like it in the city at first. But now ... here. Im used to living.

I dont think he trusted me. He looked at me so (suspicious). Suspiciously.

I want first class tickets for the 9 o' clock train to Edinburgh. And.

I wish I had thought of it before. Its a good idea

I would go to see you if I could find time

Im so sorry I had no money with me yesterday. I would have bought that dress

I.better start saving some money each month for my retirement. Had.

If Antony had asked, I would have been able to help.

If Benjamin Franklin so hard, he the symbol of America. Had not worked / would not have become.

If he were in Moscow next time he would come to see us.o

If her alarm-clock had rung, she ... on time for work yesterday. Would have been.

If I ... a bird, I ... away. Were/would fly.

If I had any free time now or tomorrow, I should do the work myself

If I had been there, too, I could have heard the story myself

If I were in Astana now I would go to see the new production

If I were out of touch with my friends I should be ashamed of myself

If I were young I should have a walking holiday

If it... rain we ... to the forest to gather some mushrooms .Does not / will go.

If it. this weekend, I'll stay home and watch TV.Rains.

If the railway station was nearer we should have got there long ago

If we had had more time we should have considered all the suggestions

If you had left earlier you would have caught the tram

In ... East Anglia, where ... land is drier and less fertile, the farms are bigger. the

In your place I... on the immediate arranging of these measures. Wouldnt insist.

Is John . Paul? No, I don't think so. Taller than.

It was they who told us the news

It would be a good thing if you didnt smoke

Its a pity you cant come tomorrow. Peter would help you

John said he was feeling ill. I was feeling pretty bad He.

Many chemicals react... in acid solutions. More quickly.

My brother is in Antalya on vacation, but I wish he.here now so that

he could help me repair my car. were

My father is not only the town mayor, he runs , too. a business

My watch is ... minutes fast. Ten

Our holiday was too short - the time went...Quickly.

Roberts employer suggested that he transferred to another division

Sandys marks are than mine. Worse.

She feels very ... today. Bad

She is much than her sister. Younger.

Some people think Russian is. than English More difficult.

Sue was ... in red ... in blue dress. She was in a pink one. Neither... nor.

Supply the proper degree of comparison. My car is Faster

The ... produced at our factory in Scotland. goods are

The accident was seen by some people ... at a bus stop.waiting

The driver of the car was (serious) injured in the accident. Seriously.

The exam was................................ we expected. Easier than.

The sun was hidden by clouds. Rising.

There are ... mistakes in my dictation than in yours. Fewer

There is ... apple and ... orange on ... plate The / the / the.

There is some milk and cows in the village

Theres ... use in complaining. They probably wont do anything about it. little

There's nothing left for him but escape,... ? Is there.

This room (clean) every day? Is this room cleaned?

We ... told ... a beautiful river not far away. Were / there was

We cant go along here because the road is ... .being repaired

Were he in Moscow now, he would take part in the discussion

What about the weather? - Well, it was fairly ...Good.

What.. .in your briefcase? Is there.

When ... you last... to the theatre? Did / go.

When he fell over, he broke two of his.. Teeth.

Who Phil with his homework? Helps.

Who was the 1st. president of the USA? G. Washington.

Who Phil with his homework? Helps.

Why didnt you phone him yesterday? He would have helped you.

You were very kind to that foreigner, Dick. I wish that we could see him

1969 11 . On July 20,1969, Apollo 11 achieved his historical goal


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