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Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на выделенные грамматические формы.


1. Increasing the voltage across a resistor, we increase the current which flows through the resistor.

2. The heat produced per second depends both upon the resistance of the conductor and upon the amount of current flowing through it.

3. The voltage being increased, the field becomes strong enough to cause the electrons to produce additional ions by collision.

4. The fact that a small voltage acting on the grid is equivalent to a large voltage acting on the plate indicates the possibility of amplification with the triode tube.

5. The polarity of the poles does not change, those on one side being permanently of north polarity, those on the other side are of south polarity.

6. Part of the energy being changed into heat, not all the chemical energy of the cell or battery is transformed into electric energy.

7. The process by which the signal being transmitted is reproduced from the radio-frequency currents present at the receiver is called detection, or sometimes demodulation.

8. Having already made remarkable progress, radio and television continue to develop and to find wider and wider application in science, industry and agriculture.

9. When speaking about transistors one should know the properties of semiconductor materials.

10. While measuring the gain of an amplifier output voltage must be compared with input voltage.

11. The fundamentals of electricity are the fundamentals of electronics, both being branches of physics.

12. A half-moon antenna is composed of two semi-circular top and bottom conducting plates joined by a rectangular conducting plate.

13. We investigated tilted beam formation without the use of conventional array techniques, using a modified half-moon antenna, where the top and bottom plates have different radii.

14. An absorbing boundary condition based on Newton’s backward-difference polynomial is used to translate the computation space.

15. We briefly summarize the finite-difference time-domain method, which is formulated using a cylindrical coordinate system.

16. Aircraft will reflect a small portion of the energy back toward a receiving antenna, situated near the transmission site.

17. This can result in the echo bouncing between layers, giving rise to echoes of echoes being detected at the surface.

18. When introducing definite admixtures in small quantities its (polyacetylene) electric conductivity grows one million times, and on the basis of this effect new batteries have been developed.

19. A low frequency is chosen for the first signal so that the variable current taken from the amplifier’s power supply during each cycle is likely to cause the rail voltages alter, the effectbeing enhanced as the signal is in bursts.

20. Figaro TGS sensors are a type of thick film metal oxide semiconductor which offer low cost, long life while utilizinga simple electrical circuit.

21. Absorbed oxygen forms a potential barrier. The reduced barrier height decreases sensor resistance.

22. This behavior should be considered when designing a circuit.

23. When using S mode, Data Register controls whether the clock source is internal or external.

24. Most amplifiers are not intended to operate continuously at high power levels, music signalshavinga high peak-to-mean power ratio.

25. The low-frequency signal sweeps the two small signals over most of the amplifier’s working range, changes in their amplitude and waveform being observed as harmonic and inter-modulation products.

26. The performance required can be obtained only by using well-watched components, fine tuning, and massive shielding of critical devices.

27. Noise sources are the second family of audio signals required in audiometric tests.

28. All fluids appear to possess essentially the same mechanical properties, differingfrom one another only in degree.

29. Part of the energy being changed into heat, not all the chemical energy of the cell or battery is transformed into electric energy.

30. Everything depends upon the substance being used.

31. The frequency being increased, the attenuation especially during the day decreases.


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