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Information Security

1. Security is concerned with issues of testing your software and hardware, and with presenting user mistakes.

2. More sophisticated security methods include limiting data access by requiring the user to have an encoded card or to supply an identification number or password.

3. Network security reduces the risk of connecting to a network.

4. Providing network security is a balancing act between open access and security.

5. One of the most important network security tasks is developing a network security policy.

6. Preventing your system from becoming a tool of evil is an important reason for protecting it.

7. The benefit of connecting individual work-stations and small servers to the Internet generally overweighs the chance of having service interrupted for the individuals and small groups served by these systems.

8. Security planning (accessing the threat, assigning security responsibilities, and writinga security policy) is the basic building block of network security.

9. Subnets are a possible tool for distributing network control.

10. A virus attaches to another program and propagates by copying itself to new machines via that program.

11. Securing network infrastructure is like securing possible entry points of attacks on a country by deploying appropriate defense.

12. Computer security is more like providing means to protect a single PC against outside intrusion.

13. The settings available on Facebook include the ability to block certain individuals from seeing your profile.

14. The process of profiling (also known as "tracking") assembles and analyzes several events, each attributable to a single originating entity.

15. By connecting to the numeric IP address, rather than the domain name, spyware may bypass this sort of protection.

16. The first step to removing the virus (spyware) is to put your computer on "lockdown."

17. By breakingthe system up into smaller components, the complexity of individual components is reduced, opening up the possibility of using techniques such as automated theorem proving to prove the correctness of crucial software subsystems.

18. Capabilities achieve their objective of improving system security by being used in place of forgeable references.

19. Giving out confidential information over the telephone is a breach of confidentiality if the caller is not authorized to have the information.

20. Ensuring confidentiality of your data means to effectively protect sensitive and private information of any kind, stored on and transmitted over systems that are connected to the Internet, from being accessed by any external party.

21. Assuring availability on your network means to protect your communicational form of a guaranteed minimum bandwidth and impenetrable functionality of processes which use remote data transmission.

22. If you rely on security levels, it is mandatory to prevent your system from loading the operating system after being rebooted without user interaction at the console.

23. Establishingsecurity at system kernel level means to achieve optimal control, stability, and predictability of low level system events.

24. One of the big security weaknesses of systems exposed to the Internet are remote vulnerabilities of network demons which can be exploited without even having finished the authentication stage of a service.

25. In some cases, the risk can be transferred to another business by buying insurance or out-sourcing to another business.




1. In obtaining and usingthis capital, the decisions made by managers affect the overall financial success of a company

2. Traveling on business these days means that you still need to keep in touch with the office no matter where you are.

3. Packinggoods for export is a highly specialized job.

4. There is no problem in getting any product to any client at any time. The problem is how to do it at the most efficient cost to the company and the client.

5. Instead ofone's bankremembering to make the payment, the creditor can automatically charge one's bank account with requisite amount. These are called "direct debts".

6. Understandingthe motivation of consumers and applying this knowledge to influence their buying habits is the prime concern of consumer psychologists.

7. The Stoical scheme of supplying our wants by cutting our desires is like cuttingoff our feet when we want our shoes.

8. Knowing a stores gross margin is useful because it is a performance measure that allows the retailer to compare how it is doing relative to other similar stores.

9. By improving the quality of work life through satisfaction of fundamental and personal employee needs, managers attempt to direct the behavior of workers toward the company goals.

10. Like other intangibles a service satisfies needs by providing pleasure, information, or convenience.

11. Indeveloping a desirable store image, the resourceful retailer has a number of choices.

12. The expansion of trade resulted in the improvement in the foreign trade figures, with exports growingby 12%.

13. Getting customers to change their normal buying behavior, for example convincingconsumers to buy their laundry detergent or frozen pizza from a buy from catalog or over the Internet instead of from the corner supermarket, would be difficult.

14. The poor quality of the samples prevented the buyers from makinganother order.

15. Unless this is so, different groups in the economy will concentrate on trying to increase their share of the limited national cake at the expense of others

16. The inflation rate was not high enough to start paying compensation to workers

17. The decision of merging the companies was followed by dismissing a few hundred employees.

18. Implementing market reforms is a lengthy process.

19. We have succeeded in maintaining productivity level over the whole period.

20. In establishing a refinance rate its necessary to take into account a monthly inflation rate.

21. Both the companies are alike in being represented in the European market.

22. The manager insisted on all the employees getting bonuses.

23. Money gives us a useful means of measuring the value of things.

24. In obtaining and usingthis capital, the decisions made by managers affect the overall financial success of a company.

25. Increasing liquidity under the present system means increasing holdings of gold or pound.

26. Being practical leads to the greatest efficiency.

27. Insteadof seeking to maximize shareholder wealth, management tries to satisfy their own welfare.

28. After receiving the statement, the cardholder may dispute any charges that he or she thinks are incorrect (see Fair Credit Billing Act for details of the US regulations).

29. A typical legal rationale for protecting the consumer is based on the notion of policing market failures and inefficiencies, such as inequalities of bargaining power between a consumer and a business.

30. When a central bank is "easing", it triggers an increase in money supply by purchasing government securities on the open market thus increasing available funds for private banks to loan through fractional-reserve banking (the issue of new money through loans) and thus grows the money supply.

31. On the other hand, an entity whose income is less than its expenditure can raise capital by borrowing or selling equity claims, decreasing its expenses, or increasing its income.

32. Critics of neoclassical models accuse it of copying of 19th century mechanics and the "clockwork" model of society which seems to justify elite privileges as arising "naturally" from the social order based on economic competitions.

33. However, the study was criticized by both mainstream environmental economists - for being inconsistent with assumptions of monetary valuation - and ecological economists - for being inconsistent with an ecological economics focus on biological and physical indicators.

34. By putting more money into circulation, the central bank can stimulate demand. By taking money out of circulation, the central bank can reduce demand.

35. Neoclassical economics is also often seen as relying too heavily on complex mathematical models, such as those used in general equilibrium theory, without enough regard to whether these actually describe the real economy.



1. Drinking was not appreciated in the hotel.

2. Selling of hospitality services is a purposeful process, aimed to sell them with a profit for the company.

3. But buyingof these services by a customer is a purposeful process too, aimed to get more satisfaction from transaction.

4. The process of becominga regular user of a new product is called adoption.

5. Knowing the main participants and their roles helps the marketer to fine-tune the marketing program.

6. Creatinga customer means finding a product or service that many people want or need.

7. Building huge hotels requires enormous amounts of money which are available only in the metropolitan countries, which in turn means handing ownership over to off-island corporations.

8. A restaurant is a retail establishment that serves prepared food to customers. Service is generally for eating on premises, though the term has been used to describe take-out establishments and food delivery services.

9. From the standpoint of conservation, nature-based tourism provides incentives for local communities and landowners to conserve wildlife habitats upon which the industry depends it promotes conservation by placingan increased value on remaining natural areas.

10. The nature-based tourism efforts in Texas will continue to focus on achievinghabitat conservation by providinginformation and assistance to private landowners, communities, businesses, and local community leaders wishing to make nature-based tourism an integral part of their business and community.

11. With international tourism forecast to nearly triple in volume over the next 20 years, members of the World Tourism Organization believe that the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism is needed to help minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and on cultural heritage while maximizingthe benefits for residents of tourism destinations.

12. The Tourism Society is a member of the Tourism Alliance, which seeks, through buying government, a favourable operating environment for all businesses involved in the delivery of tourism, particularly in England.

13. Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to another country in order to receive medical attention, be it heart surgery, breast implants, a hip replacement, or dental work.

14. Sharinga sleeping dormitory is very different from staying in a private room at a hotel or Bed & Breakfast, and might not be comfortable for those requiring more privacy.

15. Other purposes are safety, shelter from cold and rain, having a place to store luggage and being able to take a shower.

16. By applying a variety of disciplinary perspectives, particularly from the social sciences, to the study of the subject, it develops students conceptual understanding of the physical, social and cultural contexts of tourism.



1. Learning goes well when people feel challenged and badly when they feel threatened.

2. Whenever learningbecomes threatening, both adults and children feel anxious.

3. Anxiety interferes with the process oflearning because it is distracting.

4. As a general rule, the greater your brains investment in a body of information, the better its chances of reproducing accurately and effectively when you need it.

5. Yelling at others when you are angry at them is a bad habit.

6. Spending habits can also reflect a persons feelings of guilt.

7. After reading the articles, make a list of six ways to reduce stress in your life.

8. A social phobia is present when the individual has extreme anxiety in a social situation where he is under the scrutiny of others, such as eatingin a restaurant or speaking at a meeting.

9. Because speakingusually involves at least two parties in sight of each other, a great deal of meaning is conveyed by facial expression, tone of voice, and movements and postures of the whole body but especially of the hands; these are collectively known as gestures.

10. By using these colors, an atmosphere which increases the appetite but subtly dissuades the customer from hanging around for very long.

11. By comparing matters like these in the behavior of different social classes (and in varying relationships) Hall elaborated and codified number of sophisticated general principles that demonstrate how certain kinds of nonverbal communication occur.

12. Weve done years of work in showing that excess alarm or stress chemicals like adrenaline can literally rupture heart muscle fibers..

13. Psychologists must also complete one year of a clinical internship, either pre-doctoral or post-doctoral. After receiving the Ph.D. the psychologist must spend an additional year as a "Psychologist Resident" and work under the supervision of a licensed psychologist before they are able to take the written licensing examination.

14. In Sweden the titles "psychologist" and "licensed psychologist" are restricted in law. It can only be used after receiving a license from government.

15. Memorization is a method of learning that allows an individual to recall information verbatim. Rote learning is the method most often used. Methods of memorizing things have been the subject of much discussion over the years with some writers, such as Cosmos Rossellius using visual alphabets.



1. Police is the agency of a community or government that is responsible for maintaining public order and preventing and detecting crime.

2. If found guilty of breaching the code, an officer can be dismissed from the force.

3. The task of organizingand designing the New Police was placed in the hands of Colonel Charles Rowan and Sir Richard Mayne.

4. The Yard assists in training police personnel in the countries of the Commonwealth.

5. Frederic Bastiat begins his statement by recognizing that individuals must act to maintain their lives.

6. Certainly we are fully justified in demanding from legislators and organizers proof of their natural superiority.

7. They considered themselves incapable of bettering their prosperity and happiness by their own intelligence and their own energy.

8. In creating a monopoly of education, the government must answer to the hopes of the fathers of families who have been thus deprived of their liberty.

9. These famous men think only of subjecting mankind to the philanthropic tyranny of their own social inventions.

10. Contract law regulates everything from buyinga bus ticket to trading swaptions on a derivatives market.

11. Apprehending, charging, and trying suspected offenders is regulated by the law of criminal procedure.

12. Sometimes formalities, such as writing the contract down or having it witnessed, are required for the contract to take effect (e.g. when buying a house).

13. Constitutional laws may often be considered second order rulemaking or rules about making rules to exercise power.

14. The jury reached its verdict through evaluating common local knowledge, not necessarily through the presentation of evidence, a distinguishing factor from today's civil and criminal court systems.

15. The state, in being bound by the natural law, was conceived as an institution directed at bringing its subjects to true happiness.


Aircraft Building

1. Since the airflow is an important factor in determining the amount of thrust, this means that the axial compressor engine will also give more thrust for the same frontal area.

2. The turbine has the task of providing the power to drive the compressor and accessories and, in the case of engines which do not make use solely of a jet for propulsion, of providingshaft power for a propeller or rotor.

3. Making the working parts reliable is as difficult as making the structure strong enough.

4. There are a number of ways of doingthis, but in all instances the resultant reaction or thrust exerted on the engine is proportional to the mass or weight of air expelled by the engine and to the velocity change imparted it.

5. The designers and manufacturers have few options when it comes to fulfilling this requirement.

6. When afterburning is in operation, the area of the exhaust nozzle can be increased by opening two eyelids that partially obstruct the nozzle aperture when closed.

7. Boeing provides consulting in such areas as project management, market planning, certification and customer support. Snecma is providing some level of funding for the project.

8. This famous aircraft completely changed the way of flying, with its 450-passenger seating capacity and its upper deck.

9. At about the same time, James Watt proposed using screws to propel boats, although he did not use them for his steam engines.

10. Most modern commercial aircraft today have a dual channel electronic controller for maintaining pressurization along with a manual back-up system.

11. Compressingthe air increases its pressure and temperature.

12. Removing the faulty chassis and running it on the service bench quite often fails to produce the fault, as the operating temperature of the unit is much lower out of its case and in free air.

13. By providing information precisely FAA improves the service in terms of speed, efficiency and safety.

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