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1. These tubes are said to give considerable economy.

2. To understand many parts of electronics, we must know how electricity behaves at higher frequencies.

3. This method of voltage control was the first to be used in connection with synchronous converters.

4. The purpose of the microphone is to convert the sound pressures into electrical impulses of varying amplitudes.

5. The Sun and many other heavenly bodies have been discovered to emit radio signals.

6. Something seems to be limiting the amount of electron flow.

7. The output voltage of the amplifier is directly proportional to the distance to be measured.

8. The direction of the lines is assumed to be from the positively charged body to the negatively charged body.

9. Clouds at the receiving station seem to cause stronger signals.

10. The tube itself is considered to be acting like an a-c generator.

11. The selectivity of a receiver cannot be judged unless the two stations to be separated are both in actual operation.

12. Forward-biased emitter junction is known to inject minority carriers into the base.

13. To be useful for electronic device manufacture, the silicon must be obtained in its elemental forms.

14. To reduce the backward radiation and improve the gain, chokes are added to the half-moon antenna.

15. Among other things, DSP allows the pulse to be optimized for a particular detection problem.

16. Before we know the composition of the NiFe film we had expected the materialto demagnetize by breaking up into closure domains when the magnetic field was removed.

17. To assure a uniform deposition rate and a uniform composition, a frame-plating technique is employed.

18. The Mo-Carbide electrodes, being much harder than the Cu-Cr, proved to be much more durable.

19. These wafers are knownto containmicropipe defects which run perpendicular to the polished wafer surface. Previously, these defects have been shown to adversely affectGH-Sic LEDs.

20. With the continuous demand for higher current and voltage handling capacity, the Si-based power systems seem to be approaching their theoretical limits of device performance. During a study of the single-suspension loudspeakers used in mobile phones, rocking modes or wobble behavior was found to be an obstacle to using simple system identification algorithms.

21. One technique to truck these changes is to perform system identification on the loudspeakers electrical impedance.

22. The tuner selects the channel to be viewed and heterodynes it to a channel vacant in the local environment.

23. To protect these signals of a modern broadband system, the most effective method is to scramble them.

24. To avoid interference from adjacent geographic areas, blank channels were lifted between active channels. This co-channel interference would result in a rolling image from another transmitter. As a result, tuners for broadcast purposes did not have to be designed as selectively as those for a fully occupied spectrum. But they still had to be able to pick up weak signals from distant stations while rejecting strong signal from local stations.

25. The high degree of correction achieved in feed-forward amplifiers has allowed these systems to be cost-reduced dramatically over the past several years.

26. A model with thermal losses has been produced and found to give results in good agreement with results from the literature.

27. The birth of radar is knownto have taken place almost simultaneously in quite different countries.

28. Our next step was to determine the nature of any radiation involved.

29. Cross-cancellation is the latest technique to be used for RF amplifier in wireless communications.

30. It is much easier to deal with telephone interruptions than with unannounced visitors.


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