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Information Security

1. Data maybe protected by such basic methods as looking up terminals and replicating data in other storage facilities.

2. Operating systems and programs mayalso incorporate built-in safeguards.

3. Common sense is the most appropriate tool that canbe usedto establish your security policy.

4. Assessing the threat of information disclosure depends on the type of information that couldbe compromised.

5. While no system with highly classified information should ever be directly connected to the Internet, systems with other types of sensitive information mightbe connected without undue hazard.

6. The threat of losing the services of a mission-critical system mustbe evaluated seriously before connecting such a system to the network.

7. The investment in physical security shouldbe based on your realistic assessment of the threat.

8. A worm has toget into your system somehow, so the fewer places where it can try, the better.

9. Any reputable package shouldhave an official site and official mirrors. Official releases shouldbe accompanied by an announcement to a relevant mailing list or web site.

20. Distribution of responsibility and control to small groups cancreate an environment of small easily monitored networks composed of a known user community.

21. An executable file can’tbe modified by a virus if the write mode isn’t set.

22. This enables a closed form solution to security that works well when only a single well-characterized property can be isolated as critical.

23. The designers and operators of systems should assume that security breaches are inevitable.

24. The private key is kept secret, while the public key may be widely distributed.

25. The keys are related mathematically, but the private key can't be practically derived from the public key.

26. A message encrypted with the public key can be decrypted only with the corresponding private key.

27. Full audit trails should be kept of system activity, so that when a security breach occurs, the mechanism and extent of the breach can be determined.

28. In low security operating environments, applications must be relied on to participate in their own protection.

29. There are 'best effort' secure coding practices that can be followed to make an application more resistant to malicious subversion.

30. If the plan describes a generic high level design (reference architecture) then the plan should be based on a threat analysis.

31. If a third party has sufficient access to the computer, legitimately or not, this maybe usedto lessen the user's privacy.

32. Courts have not yet had to decide whether advertisers can be held liable for spyware which displays their ads.

33. These have to be used in combination to make the encryption secure enough, that is to say, sufficiently difficult to crack.

34. Social engineering and direct computer access (physical) attacks canonly be prevented by non-computer means, which can be difficult to enforce, relative to the sensitivity of the information.

35. The clients are then able to adapt their requirements based on the information received through the reports.

36. You canspecify individual hosts or sublets that should be allowed into the network, and you can specify what type of traffic should be allowed into the network.

37. To define requirements for a defense is a delicate task, because for an attacker, the potential of Denial Of Service attacks often depends on gaining access to any host(s), which do not have to be associated with your network at all .

38. Therefore, auditing shouldstart at kernel level, in form of detailed verification and ability to record all of the systems actions, independent from logs generated by applications themselves, because they cannever fully be trusted.



1. People working together in groups to achieve some goals mustknow how their job objective fits into group effort.

2. People shouldknow the guidelines to be followed in performing the tasks assigned to them.

3. Companies individually want to be able to exploit their distinctive competencies by making pricing and output decisions to maximize their competitive advantage.

4. Characteristics of the product, the customers, and the competition maymake it advisable to charge all customers the same price or it may make better sense to vary the prices charged.

5. To use a discontinuous innovation, consumers mustengage in a great amount of barging because no similar product has ever been on the market.

6. The owner of the store explained: “To get Americans to buy messages, I realized you had to solve three problems. You had to come up with something that was quick, inexpensive and most important, and you had tofinda way to do it without asking people to take their clothes off”.

7. As a new NFZ franchise, the Panthers quickly had todevelop a strategy that would feed the enthusiasm of its charlotte fans and at the same time lure corporate sponsors.

8. Services marketers have tocome up with creative ways to illustrate the benefits their services will provide.

9. The companies will have to sacrifice the extra 1% in interest which is available in the European dollar market.

10. The firm was tosubmit a certificate of origin.

11.Taxation shouldbe arranged in such a way, as to make the rich pay more than the poor.

12. Firms have tohave confidence in future sales if they are to produce new goods and services.

13. When studying market economy we have to understand that business enterprise is the very heart of private property and market relationships.

14. The management of the company can hardly have agreed with the demands of the workers on strike.

15. The energy crisis couldlead to serious negative developments in the national economy over the rest of the year.

16. The employees may notuse the Internet for their personal needs unless they stay after work.

17. The employees on strike would nottalk to the representatives of the company management without the labor unions being part of the talks to back them up.

18. It couldbe argued that this measure of overcoming the crisis is the only reasonable one.

19. Every dollar counts and your contribution mightbecome crucial for the whole project.

20. Since the cost of storing the materials is a manufacturing cost, it shouldbe treated as a product cost.

21. Many social problems canbe solved by means of just taxation.

22. Tax allowances for people supporting a family shouldbe increased substantially.

23. The most complex cost classification systems are found in manufacturing organizations, where a special statement mustbe prepared to determine the cost of goods sold.

24. The high-tech manager needs to have one foot in the lab and one foot in the market place. He mustunderstand the technology and be able to ask the right questions but also be capable of getting close to the market and to the customers.

25. The result is that the smart card and the terminal haveto be synchronized and always agree on whose turn it is to talk and whose turn it is to listen.

26. If you limit wealth to net worth, then mathematically net income (income minus expenses) canbe thought of as the first derivative of wealth, representing the change in wealth over a period of time.

27. If you want to apply for a job, you shouldwrite to a company.

28. The fee is compensation to the lender for foregoing other useful investments that couldhave been made with the loaned money. Instead of the lender using the assets directly, they are advanced to the borrower.

29. Wealth is a stock that canbe represented in an accounting balance sheet, meaning that it is a total accumulation over time, that can be seen in a snapshot.



1. Mustbe seen to be believed.

2. The hotels maybe classified according to location, prices, and the type of services offered.

3. Tourism maybe defined as the science, art and business of attracting and transporting people, accommodating them, and catering to their needs and wants.

4. Managers mustmanage not only their employees, but their customers too, so that they do not create dissatisfaction for other customers.

5. The marketers might also find that companions of the divers usually produce a great influence concerning the selection of an actual resort hotel to stay in.

6. The history of European tourism can perhaps be said to originate with the medieval pilgrimage.

7. Travel agents frequently will be able to obtain special benefits for the traveler from a supplier for concentrating their bookings with that supplier.

8. Tourists take many different types of trips. These trips canbe classified into four categories based on the environmental characteristics of tourism destinations.

9. Strategies for pro poor tourism canbe divided into those that generated three different types of local benefit: economic benefits, other livelihood benefits (such as physical, social or cultural improvements), and less tangible benefits of participation and involvement.

10. Look for transportation links that mayhave well developed and safe systems for travel.

11. Rooms canbe mixed or single-sex, although private rooms mayalso beavailable.

12. An effort shouldbe made to distinguish between establishments that provide longer term accommodation and those offering short term accommodation to travellers or backpackers.

13. Tourism canbecategorized according to the kinds of activities tourists seek and how familiar these tourists are or want to become with the tourist area’s norms, customs and history.

14. Here are many management methodologies for various aspects of the environment which may be affected by tourism and sport (or vice versa), at various scales of influence.

15. Many of the tourism and sports developments worldwide should rely on the quality of the environment in which they lie.



1. In order to learn effectively you have to be attending closely to the task.

2. You have to make your own notes because this obliges you to apply an extra stage of processing to the information before committing it to memory.

3. We canlearn many things by examining what a person remembers.

4. The state of your health can affect your ability to remember things accurately.

5. You needall the colors to be healthy and balanced.

6. The emotions that you are rejecting indicate the parts of yourself that you cannot accept and love.

7. You may also have trouble sleeping if you have a problem or something else on your mind.

8. A dream about an unhappy event can change your heart-beat.

9. In everyday situations, too, stress can provide that extra push needed to do something difficult.

10. The definitions, which reflect differences in the interests and theoretical orientations of the authors, can be reduced to three categories concerned with structure and three concerned with functions.

11. Some details we learn maybe permanently lost from memory.

12. People shouldknow the guidelines to be followed in performing the tasks assigned to them.

13. The roles established in the structure mustalso be designed in the light of the abilities and motivations of people available.

14. People working together in groups to achieve some goals mustknow how their job objective fits into group effort.

15. The hippocampus is essential to the consolidation of information from short-term to long-term memory, although it does not seem to store information itself. Rather, it maybe involved in changing neural connections for a period of three months or more after the initial learning.

16. One of the primary functions of sleep is improving consolidation of information, as it canbe shown that memory depends on getting sufficient sleep between training and test, and that the hippocampus replays activity from the current day while sleeping.

17. One example of physiological psychology research is the study of the role of the hippocampus in learning and memory. This canbe achieved by surgical removal of the hippocampus from the rat brain followed by an assessment of memory tasks by that same rat.

18. The first roots of cognitive neuroscience lie in phrenology, which was a pseudoscientific theory that claimed that behavior could bedetermined by the shape of the scalp.



1. Punishment canalsobe seen as a deterrent because it warns other people of what will happen if they are tempted to break the law and prevents them from doing so.

2. Once there is sufficient evidence, the police have todecide whether a detained person shouldbe charged with the offence.

3. Crime can only bedrastically reduced by elimination of social injustices – not by creating so-called “deterrents” when the real problems remain unsolved.

4. If persuasion, advice or warning is found to be ineffective, a resort to force maybecome necessary, as it is imperative that a police officer being required to take action shall act with the firmness necessary to render it effective.

5. Fingerprints found at crime scenes canbeelectronicallycompared with fingerprint files.

6. If the defendant denies committing the acts charged against him, the court will have tochoose between his version of the fact and the prosecutions.

7. Itmustbe admitted that the true solution is contained in these simple words: Law is organized justice.

8. It oughtto be stated that the purpose of the law is to protect injustice from reigning.

9. In an enormous book called The Crimanal, Cesare Lombroso set out the idea that there is a definite criminal type, who canbe recognized by his or her appearance.

10. In presidential systems, the executive and the legislature maybe controlled by different political parties, a situation known as cohabitation: both sides must arrive at a compromise to allow the government to continue to function, although complete blockage is rare.

11. Justice canbe thought of as distinct from and more fundamental than benevolence, charity, mercy, generosity or compassion.

12. All human laws were to be judged by their conformity to the natural law.


Aircraft Building

1. Although all combustion chambers work on the same principles, they maybeinstalled in the engine in a number of different ways.

2. In view of the high rotational speeds and the mass of materials, any unbalance could seriously affect the rotating assembly bearings and engine operation.

3. A very low false alarm rate and very high reliability are claimed, and a fighter or helicopter target canbe detected at a range of 7.5 km with 90 per cent probability.

4. The maintenance engineer must know the whole of his aircraft very thoroughly.

5. Pilots should be encouraged to use electronic cockpit aids in poor weather conditions, but keep their skills sharp by performing manual landings in good weather.

6. If a stall is maintained and yaw is somehow induced, a spin canresult. Spins canbe recognized by high descent and roll rates, and a flight path that is straight now.

7. Airspeed can be controlled in a climb or descent without changing the throttle setting.

8. There are energy exchange equations which can be used to relate the rate of change of speed (or acceleration) to the rate of change of altitude (or rate of climb).

9. The flying controls, the electric equipment, the fire precautions, etc. must not only be light in weight, but must work both at high altitudes where the temperature may be below freezing point and in the hot air of an airfield in the tropics.

10. Employing space age materials and know-how, such vehicles could be expected to operate with margins of safety, reliability, and performance undreamed of even during the Golden Era of rigid airships.

11. Depending on design, the pilot may have topush a button to override the high-pitch stops and complete the feathering process, or the feathering process may be totally automatic.

12. The fan engine maybe regarded as an extension of the bypass principle, and the modern requirement for high bypass ratios of up to 5:1 is largely metby using the front fan and triple-spool configuration.



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