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Products and services

Product: Medical ID card which is a something similar to a credit card with a chip, which will store all the information about the patient. On the card will be recorded details of the owner - is an insurance number (if available), the status of the name, address, sex and all the medical data which are necessary if the doctor will need it. For example, information about chronic diseases, allergies, intolerance to medications and blood group acts with receiving hospitals to discharge, as well as x-rays and test results.

All data on the microchip will be specially coded. Read data cards will only be possible when dialing a special pass code that will get every patient. And then, just when the doctor as inserts in the reader his ID card.

Service: Card is used by clinics, patients and allows to work fast and qualitatively. I offer a service to people, quality, fast and safe. Since in our time cards are lost, lost hospital discharge, and now it will all be in the profile of the patient, and even the loss of the card, you can simply synchronize all the information. That is, Me and my team derive the service to a new level, which is much accelerate the whole process and shorten your stay in the hospital for a very minimal time.

Major players (suppliers, distributers, clients)

Suppliers. Software and ID cards suppliers will produce plastic cards and main software for electronic database for creation of electronic database with medical history, allergies to certain components, blood type, and surgeries.

Distributers. Distribution will occur through main office or hospitals, which will offer ID card for its patients.

Clients. Ńlinics of Almaty.

Private clinics are our main customers. Population cannot buy it directly, therefore, they order it through clinics. As for start up project our geographic customer audience will be consistent only from clinics situated in Almaty and offering private service. According to the data given Department of Statistics of Almaty population of it in 2013 estimated 1,477,564 people. About 43% percent of population chooses private clinics.

Number of people choosing private clinics = 635,353

In most cases they are those who don’t spare money for health. In general, they are:

ü Infants, young children. Modern parents care about its children health preferring private clinics because of better service, no queues, and high educated medical professions.

ü Adults aged 25-50. In almost, they have stable work by this age and can let themselves to get better healthcare. The second reason is that some companies provide their employees by health insurance in private clinics.

Advertising policy

We plan to create a media plan that will make each citizen to know about the service we offer using the media kits of:

ü radio

ü website

ü medical booklets

ü e-mailing at the lowest cost per reader.

Sales projections

Sales expectations are most promising.

Cost for 1 individual ordered by clinics is 1200 KZT.

Monthly capacity for producing these cards is 500 cards per month.

Monthly revenue is 600,000 KZT.

Obviously it is start up indicator without other necessary expenses. In future we plan to increase the volume of produced card. For this we need to increase our capacity by expanding IT staff and using past experience.


Introduction of Medical ID Card – a way to improved and efficient medical care in Kazakhstan. It is true, because this medical record will help increase the quality and speed of service in medical service. In future I want realize this project, and I hope that card will translate the medicine at the next level.


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