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Character Sketch of William Strickland

Character Sketch of Mr. Budd

Written by Alexandra Kusilova, all rights reserved © :D
Edited by me, a little bit.

Mr. Budd was well on in the middle forties – with a small paunch and pale hair, five feet six at most, soft-handed as a hairdresser must be.

He was very smart – he couldn’t catch the murderer single handed, so he used his brain to do it. In the pride of his knowledge of the complicated reactions of chemical dyes, he dyed his customer’s hair greed, vivid, flaring midsummer green. On the basis of this I believe that he was also brave, because he managed to deceive a brutal murderer, who had killed his aunt, and maybe his method even had a sort of a humorous touch, by which we can call Mr. Budd, whatever strange it could seem in such a situation, creative.

Mr. Budd had a small and unsuccessful saloon. He started his own business; he worked hard but there wasn’t much profit. Nevertheless, it made him ambitious. I think that these treats of character helped him when he committed his great professional betrayal.

Although his saloon wasn’t successful, Mr. Budd was very watchful and professional. In fact, he knew his job and dyeing his customers’ hair was not an easy case to deal with. He loved his job and was really qualified. I think he did this, first of all, for the benefit of the society and only then – for his personal prosperity of getting the reward.

Character Sketch of William Strickland

Written by me ;)

William Strickland was aged 43, quite tall, his complexion was rather dark, he had silver-grey abundant hair, a moustache and a beard, his left upper eye-tooth was stopped with gold and his left thumbnail was deformed. All these details were important for Mr. Budd to recognize Mr. Strickland, a brutal murderer. When he entered the saloon, he didn’t seem to suspect anything; he tried to behave in a normal manner, though his first phrase nearly stunned Mr. Budd – “Are you prepared to die/dye?”
By these words we can already start figuring out that he is the very murderer.

As I’ve already said, Strickland behaved in a normal way until he understood that Mr. Budd was aware of the murder which had been committed. At first he even got into conversation with Mr. Budd about the murder and the reward, but then, when he had read the newspaper, we can see that he rapidly drew back his left hand and hid it under the white apron. Then we can see how he started to feel a bit nervous, as he was impatiently, but still pleasantly, hurrying Mr. Budd to do the dyeing.

I must admit that Strickland was not clever enough. I think, if I killed somebody, I wouldn’t have gone to public places like barber’s for changing my appearance – it is very likely that I would be recognized there, and I certainly wouldn’t receive any mercy. So Strickland acted quite recklessly. No wonder he got recognized and deceived, and then caught. Even when he had had his hair dyed green, he could have shaven it off, having found an appropriate place and having bought a shaving-machine. Instead, he locked himself in a cabin of The Miranda and insisted on having hairdresser sent out to him – that is to say, he behaved in a very unprofessional way. He hadn’t planned anything. He was not a real criminal. He was a failure :)

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