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Organizational structure



Mission and objectives


4. Business location & requirements / advantages / lease details

5. Organizational structure

6. Products and services

7. Major players (suppliers, distributers, clients)

8. Advertising policy

9. Sales projections

10. Conclusion


Medical ID card (MIDC) is a convenient automated patient card or card with electronic history of all illnesses.

My business plan is based on the introduction of new technology on patient care in the health centers or rather a new electronic medical record of a patient which will translate the medicine at the next level and much easier reception of patients, reducing paperwork.

Mission and objectives

Mission: Produce electronic cards from factory to consumer with further expansion from Almaty to Kazakhstan.


1) ID card with all information beginning from data about patient and ending to properties of prescription drugs;

2) within two years of full transition to them;

3) improving the quality of health care provision.


Competitor: Old system in hospitals. People may not prefer new system, because they accustomed to old service. Therefore introducing the card can be hard.

Type of competition: natural.

Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses


ü Existing customer base

ü Established service and cost advantages

ü Well-deserved reputation

ü Special expertise and experience


ü Absence of innovation idea

ü Gaps in service areas

ü Lagging in technology

4. Business location & requirements / advantages / lease details

Business location of LLP Medical ID card is Al-Farabi Avenue 17 block 4A.

Monthly rent is 25$ per m2. Despite of the expensive cost this part of city is full of businesses and has respectful, comfortable location with beautiful views.

My business requires high class clients; therefore, I need to satisfy their need, desires and make them feel VIP clients. My head office will have spacious hall with beautiful décor and sofas where people can sit down for a coffee. Smart office managers with experience will explain all aspects of services. In my office our clients will have an opportunity to make a successful unproblematic business with reliable partners in our face.

Advantage of this location is also its fame and the neighborhood with major banks, airlines. So people visiting them will see my office, advertisement, and polite staff.

Organizational structure

Stakeholder Expectation and objectives Power and influence Commodity and conflict
Shareholders of LLP Dividends Appoint board Conflict: bargaining with staff
Bank Repayment of principal and interest, satisfying credit rating Can apply loan covenants, future credit history Similar to shareholders, but in case of financial crisis they will be repaid first
Directors and managers Success on CV, high salary, bonuses Rule the company, resolve conflicts, make main decisions, influence on shareholders Alliance with shareholders. Conflict: principal agent problem, when managers have short-term goals, whether shareholders have long-term goals.
Staff and unions Salary, stability, career growth, social benefits Customer experience, strikes, staff turnover Conflict: bargaining with staff
Suppliers Big volumes of orders, cash payments, long-term partnership Pricing, quality, reputation Conflict: seek high prices
Customers - Clinics, hospitals Well-designed working id cards with the supply of repair and upgrade Revenue, reputation among other customers (hospitals, network of clinics, government) Seek low prices
Community – Statistical Agency Local impact, local jobs Local planning, opinion leaders Satisfaction of local needs
Government Operating legally, tax receipts, jobs Restrictions subsidies, taxation, planning, promotion Diverse, balancing

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