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Choose the right answer:


1. John speak three foreign languages.

a) can b) may c) must d) has to


2. You work hard at your English if you want to know it.

a) may b) must to c) should d) are to


3. Mary be in this room. It is her voice.

a) must b) should c) have to d) need


4. Everyone obey the law.

a) should b) may c) must d) can


5. Mary have gone to bed earlier last night. She is very tired today.

a) should b) could c) have to d) must


6. You worry about the party any more. Ill take care of it.

a) dont need to b) do need to c) neednt to d) need to


7. You .. see a doctor.

a) need b) should c) have d) may to


8. She has passed the exam. She all last night.

a) can study b) may have studied c) must have studied

d) could have studied.


9. The boss said that I be at work at nine oclock.

a) had to b) ought c) can d) will be able to


10. Mary close the window; it is getting cold.

a) had better to b) would better c) had better d) should to


11. At the police station he a lot of questions.

a) asked b) had been asked c) had been asking

d) was asked.


12. The rent for the house regularly.

a) was paid b) was paying c) paid d) pays


13. This question at the meeting now.

a) has been discussed b) is discussing c) was discussed

d) is being discussed


14. This article recently.

a) has been translated b) was translated

c) translated d) had been translated


15.The Russian hockey team to win the next Olympic Games.

a) was supposed b) is supposed c) will suppose

d) supposes


16. Luke does not like on trifles.

a) examines b) to be examine c) being examined

d) examined


17. They to get married very soon.

a) are expected b) is expected c) expects

d) will expect


18. I a big sum of money to buy the furniture for the office.

a) is given b) gave c) am given d) was given


19. I remember my train during the journey.

a) to delay b) being delayed c) delayed

d) was delay


20. Shilovs paintings at a gallery in Minsk.

a) are shown b) showed c) showing d) shows



21. She said that her friends name Ann.

a) is b) has been c) was d) were


22. I saw what he .

a) means b) meant c) is meaning d) has meant


23. She thought it curious.

a) ll be b) was c) is d) has been

24. He said he hungry.

a) was b) is c) ll be d) has been


25.I heard she good English.

a) speaks b) is speaking c) spoken d) spoke


26. John confessed he like football.

a) doesnt b) didnt c) will not d) do not


27. He asked me how many lessons I last week.

a) had b) was having c) had had d) have


28. He wondered what Dick at the moment.

a) did b) does c) is doing d) was doing


29. He told me Jack back in a few minutes.

a) would be b) was c) is d) will be


30. He promised he there in half an hour.

a) is b) would be c) will be d) was


31.You should always aim doing your job well.

a) to b) up c) at d) on


32. The police examined the cars and then allowed them to go .

a) up b) on c) off d) to


33. The factory must drive increased production this year.

a) for b) away c) at d) back


34. Every year the children look to having the holidays.

a) ahead b) away c) to d) forward


35. Our representatives in the U.N. must be called .

a) back b) at c) by d) down


36. Why did he give his college course?

a) up b) away c) in d) to


37. Look your examination paper before you hand it in.

a) at b) into c) through d) up


38. I agree your father; its a foolish risk!

a) to b) upon c) on d) with


39. I dont care what you think.

a) for b) about c) in d) of


40. I cant get to London, the lines are all busy.

a) through b) round c) on d) about


Read the text and translate it into Russian.

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