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Choose the right answer:



1. Do you feel like a cup of tea?

a) to have b) having c) have d) be having


2. They would like the new material once again.

a) to explain b) be explained c) explain d) to be explained


3. I remember a woman outside when I left the house.

a) seeing b) to see c) have seen d) having seen


4. We are looking forward to on a tour around London by our English friends.

a) been taken b) being taken c) having been taken d) taking


5. You should to other peoples opinions.

a) to listen b) to be listen c) listening d) listen


6. Dont pretend what you arent.

a) to be b) being c) be d) to have been


7. The child was made the truth.

a) to tell b) tell c) be told d) to be told


8. This student is not used hard.

a) to work b) to be working c) to working d) working


9. I used in the library practically every day when in University.

a) sit b) to be sitting c) to sitting d) to sit


10. Jane noticed a friend of hers and stopped to her.

a) talking b) to talk c) talk d) be talked


11. Computers are said TV sets in the near future.

a) to replace b) replacing c) being replaced d) replace

12. His parents never let him in bed

a) reading b) to read c) to reading d) read


13. I dont mind the experiment.

a) against repeating b) repeat c) repeating d) to repeat


14. I hope the first prize at the competition.

a) for entering b) to enter c) of entering d) entering


15. Why not power usage?

a) to reduce b) reducing c) reduce d) be reduced


16. We regret you that you failed at your exam.

a) informing b) inform c) about informing d) to inform


17. The man was seen the computer.

a) to load b) load c) loading d) being loaded


18. Can you hear those two scientists an argument?

a) have b) having c) to have d) are having


19. The child was so nice that people couldnt help at him.

a) smile b) to smile c) smiling d) from smiling


20. Poor people cant afford their children to expensive schools.

a) sending b) to sent c) sent d) to send


21. Nobody can expect you overtime.

a) work b) to work c) working d) to be worked


22. All people enjoy

a) to praise b) praising c) be praised d) being praised


23. The students stopped ready for their exams and had some rest.

a) getting b) get c) to get d) with getting


24. I dont want anyone me while I am depressed.

a) see b) seeing c) to see d) saw

25. Before the letter, he answered a telephone call.

a) to read b) read c) his reading d) reading


26. These firms are not interested people over fifty.

a) in employing b) to employ c) employ d) employing


27. Id prefer in a flat rather than in a hotel.

a) to live b) living c) live d) of living


28. Let us when you are coming.

a) to know b) know c) of knowing d) knew


29. Its no good for a walk. Its raining.

a) in going b) to go c) going d) about going


30. What prevented you to the lecture?

a) of coming b) to come c) against coming d) from coming


31. The programmer succeeded a job.

a) of finding b) about finding c) in finding d) finding


32. Do you think this job is worth ?

a) taking b) to take c) take d) of taking


33. The scientist spent hours trying the problem.

a) to solve b) solving c) solve d) by solving


34. The girl is used alone.

a) to live b) living c) to living d) live


35. Please forgive me you.

a) not to visit b) not visiting c) for not visiting d) about not visiting


36. Id rather at home and anywhere.

a) to stay, not go b) stay, not to go c) to stay, not to go d) stay, not go


37. I regret my roommate.

a) offending b) to offend c) to have d) of offending


38. The suspect denied anywhere near the scene of the crime.

a) be b) being c) was d) to be


39. This film is believed by a famous producer.

a) being made b) be made c) to have been made d) to have made


40. Weve just been able the computer.

a) to load b) load c) about loading d) loading


41. The workers were made overtime.

a) work b) to work c) to be worked d) to have worked


42. Its very difficult to get used in the daytime.

a) to sleeping b) sleep c) to sleep d) sleeping


43. The driver was accused of the road accident.

a) provoke b) provoked c) provoking d) to provoke


44. We had better the formulae before the exam.

a) review b) to review c) reviewed d) reviewing


45. Dont forget your mobile.

a) recharging b) to recharge c) about recharging d) recharge


46. Id like you dangerous turnings.

a) avoid b) to avoid c) avoided d) avoiding


47. Lets some coffee.

a) to have b) had c) have d) haved


48. He doesnt recommend his friends in fast food restaurants.

a) to eat b) eating c) to be eating d) eat


49. I couldnt stand him again.

a) see b) seeing c) to see d) saw


50. I dont mind the window.

a) to close b) be closing c) your closing d) close


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