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To , , To the park, to the North, to school
Towards Towards the forest, towards the station
From , , From the fridge, from the North
Into () Into the pocket, into the room
Out of () Out of the house, out of the drawer
Off (), Off the desk, off the wall


In , In two days, in September
At , At 7 oclock, at noon
By - By 3 oclock, by midnight
From till () From early morning till late at night
Since - Since 5 oclock, since noon
For For several hours, for ages
On - On Sunday, on the tenth of May
During During the lecture, during the break
Before () Before the bell, before winter
After - () After school, after the break
Till (until) - Till May, till the end of the year
Between - Between one and two oclock



Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions where necessary.

1. Good bye! See you Friday. 2. I got up 8oclock. 3. I like getting up early the morning. 4 I was tired this morning. I stayed in bed 10 oclock. 5. We waited half an hour, but they didnt come. 6. There was a big table the middle of the room. 7. What is the longest river the world? 8. Will you be home tomorrow afternoon? 9. Are you going the party on Saturday evening? 10. What time are you going home? 11. We jumpted the bridge the water. 12. You can put your coat the chair. 13.In Britain its expensive to travel train. 14. Sarah isnt interested sport. 15. Barbara plays the piano well.


Exercise 2. Choose the right variant.


1. conclusion he said that he was very happy to visit our country.

a) To b) In


2. This book was translated Japanese.

a) of b) from


3. Will your sister be home this evening?

a) in, on b) at, -


4. If we dont hurry, well be late dinner.

a) on b) for


5. They jumped the bridge the water.

a) off, into b) of, in


6. Some people talk their health all the time.

a) about b) on


7. Edina doesnt use her new car very often, she used to go everywhere bus.

a) on b) by


8. In our country children normally start school the age of six.

a) at b) on


9. We must hurry! The train leaves ten minutes.

a) at b) in


10.Last night I spoke my husband the telephone.

a) with, by b) to, on


11. my opinion, capital punishment is really kinder than life prison.

a) From, in b) In, in c) At, at


12.She knew, of course, that Peter had long been love her.

a) with, to b) in, for c) in, with


13. the end of every other minute he would drop his tools, wipe his shining head, and curse the heat.

a) In b) At c) On


14. that point, what had happened me?

a) From, to b) On, with c) In, to


15.It all depends the way you look life.

a) to, at b) on, at c) on, for


16.One them suddenly cried out despair Let me go back.

a) among, for b) between, from c) of, in


17.We drank a toast the bride and bridegroom.

a) to b) for c) at


18.I want you to tell me this accident.

a) about b) on c) of


19.You should take this medicine every meal.

a) across b) after c) in


20. There is something unusual my husband and his secretary.

a) between b) among c) beyond


21.The book reminded me a picture dictionary that had belonged my elder sister.

a) -, to b) of, to c) on, - d) about, to


22. a long time he remained the edge the roof, staring steadily the ground.


a) -, at, of, at b) In, on, on, on c) For, on, of, at

d) For, on, of, to


23.He was so latedinner that his stepmother said him not to enterthe dining-room.

a) to, to, into b) for, -, - c) to, -, - d) for, to, -


24.His father, who was sitting the armchairthe window, kept looking him steadily.

a) on, by, on b) in, by, at c) in, in front, at

d) on, by, for


25. This evening Peters father was waiting him the railway station.

a) During, -, at b) In, for, at c) -, for, at d) -, for, on


26.It was very good my colleague to invite me his party.

a) for, to b) of, at c) of, to d) to, to


27.I have been suddenly called away business and dont know when Ill be backhome.

a) to, - b) for, to c) from, - d) on, -


28.Mary has just lost the keys her room.

a) for b) of c) to d) from


29.He hesitated a moment and then he joined the others.

a) for, to b) with, - c) over, with d) for, -


30.The sole reason my staying here is your poor state health.

a) of, of b) in, of c) of, in d) for, of


st 1.


Choose the right answer:

1. Professor Presbury was certainly surrounded every sign not only comfort but luxury.

a) with, of, of b) by, with, with c) of, of, of


2. My mother didnt often write letters her brother when she got married and left another town.

a) to, for b) for, to c) for, on


3. They told him to wait them the bridge.

a) -, -, on b) to, to, in c) -, for, at


4. How long was John working his French last night?

a) at b) on c) with


5. Our train arrived New York six oclock.

a) in, at b) to, on c) at, in


6. How do I get the railway station?

a) on b) at c) to


7. Who is the girl the red dress, sitting the head of the table?

a) in, at b) with, in c) of, on


8. There was an accident the crossroads midnight last night.

a) in, in b) at, at c) on, in


9. mistake I opened your parcel instead my own.

a) In, - b) By, of c) On, in


10.We have lived this street five years.

a) on, in b) in, for c) at, by


11.Its obvious that his taste in movies was very different mine.

a) of b) with c) from


12.In spite all troubles we had I finished that work.

a) on b) of c) with


13.The teacher was pleased my composition.

a) with b) of c) from


14.Pick this pen and put it the table.

a) -, in b) up, on c) up, into


15.We subscribed some newspapers and magazines.

a) on b) at c) to


16.I cant believe you have agreed his offer!

a) to b) with c) on


17.Why dont you agree your director?

a) to b) with c) at


18.Have you ever been Glasgow?

a) in b) at c) to


19.I cant understand why you are laughing me all the time.

a) at b) on c) of


20.They insisted my leaving.

a) in b) at c) on


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