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Who are the famous people?


Among the famous writers are Henry Longfellow (a poet), Theodore Dreiser, Mark Twain, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, OHenry, Salinger.

Science, technology

The most famous inventors are Robert Fulton (the steamboat), Samuel Morse (the telegraph), Christopher Sholes (the typewriter), Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone), Thomas Alva Edison (the phonograph, the lightbulb, the motion picture camera), George Eastman (the roll-film camera), Nikola Tesla (alternating current, AC motor, radio), Wright brothers (the airplane), Bill Cates (a founder of the Microsoft Corporation).

Politics, government

George Washington is the first president of the USA. Abraham Lincoln is one of the greatest presidents who freed the slaves and united the country. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is the youngest President of the USA.

Founding Fathers is a group of political leaders who headed the fight against the British Grown and played a prominent role in forming the USA. Among them are George Washington (the 1st President), James Madison (the father of the Constitution), Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson (the author of the original draft of the Declaration of Independence).

Martin Luther King the leader of the civil rights movement who fought against racial discrimination.


23. What are the characteristics of the national and its people?

- American s are generally optimistic.

- Americans believe that people can control their own destiny.

- Americans are future-oriented. They are sure that time is money so it must not be wasted. They consider a rapid rate of change (the same as improvement) as normal.

- Americans are action-oriented. They believe in keeping busy and productive at all times even on vacation. They have become very proficient at problem solving and decision making.

- Individualism and the equality of all people is important in social orientation for Americans.

- Among American values are self-reliance and hard work.


24. What is national currency?

The United States dollar (sign $, code USD) is the official currency of the United States. It is divided into 100 cents.

Paper money comes in $ 1, $5, $10, $50 and $100 denominations.

Americans use the following coins (cents): 1¢ (called Penny), 5 ¢ (Nickel), 10 ¢ (Dime), 25 ¢ (Quarter), 50 ¢ (Half Dollar), 100 ¢ (Dollar coin).


25. What system of weights and measures is used?

The modern metric system is not yet used. United States customary system. (American system) similar to the British Imperial units is used in the US.

Liquids are measured by the gallon (=3.785 liters), weight by the ounce (= 28.35 grams) and pound (=453.59 grams), length by the inch (=2.54 centimeters), foot (=30.48 centimeters), and yard (=0.91 meters).

Temperature in the US is normally displayed in degrees Fahrenheit (320 F=00 C, 680 F=200 C).




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