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What is the national mass media?

The most famous newspapers are the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal. There are more than nine thousand radio stations. Most of them are commercial, except for National Public Radio stations.

National commercial networks are ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox Broad casting Company. The only noncommercial network is PBC (Public Broadcasting Service). There are about 500 cable stations. Two well-known of them are HBO (Home Box office showing movies) and CNN (showing news).


19. What is the system of education?

All American children from the age of five to seventeen have the right to get free education at a public school. There are also private schools.

The school system includes: elementary school, including kindergarten (age 5), and grades 1-5 (age 6-12); secondary school, including middle school / grades 6-8 (age 12-15) and high school / grades 9-12 (age 15-18).

High education system comprises: college or University: undergraduate studies which take 2 years at a community college (lead to Associate’s Degree), or 4 years (lead to Bachelor’s Degree); graduate school: postgraduate courses (lead to Masters Degree and Doctorate or PhD).


20. What is traditional food?

The only true American foods are those that the Native Americans gave the first settlers. Roast turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie are still eaten at Thanksgiving. Immigrants have brought all kinds of dishes from their home countries. A typical family may eat tacos (originally from Mexico), pizza (from Italy), or apple pie (from England). Steaks and hamburger are popular. Take out meals are a regular part of everyday life.


21. What sports are popular in the country?

Baseball is regarded as the national sport. American football, basketball, and ice hockey are the three other leading professional team sports.

The big prize in professional football is to win the Super Bowl. For basketball teams, it is the NBA (National Basketball Association) Championship, and in baseball – the World Series.

College football and basketball are popular.

Basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, snowboarding, and cheerleading are American inventions.

Professional sports in US are big business.


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