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What industries are developed in the country?

The US has one of the strongest economies in the world. It is the world leader in aeronautics, space technology, electronics, computer hardware and software. Many Americans work in the service sector.

High-tech industries are developed in the US. Universities and research institutes work closely with industry. Among which are MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Stanford University and Caltech (California Institute of Technology). The fastest-growing industry in the United States is developing computer hardware and software. Silicon Valley (south of San Francisco) is famous because it has many companies that specialize in computer technology. Aerospace industries are also developed here.


12. Who is the head of the country?

The President is the head of the country and the Government.


13. What is the system of government in the country?

The US is a constitutional (federal) republic and representative democracy. The US President is the head of the State and Government. The executive power belongs to the President, Vice president, and federal departments and agencies. The Legislative power is exercised by Congress, consisting of the Senate (100 members) and the House of Representatives (435 members).

Judicial powers belong to the Supreme Court and the system of federal and state courts.


14. What are the main political parties?

The two major parties are Republican (its symbol is elephant) and Democratic (its symbol is donkey).


15. When are elections held?

The presidential election is held every four years (on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November as stated in the US Constitution).


16. What are the major national holidays?

Independence Day, July 4, is a major national holiday.

Other national holidays are Presidents Day (November 11), Thansgiving Day (November, fourth Thursday), Christmas Day (December 25) and others.

New Year’s Eve is usually celebrated in Time Square in New York City.


17. What are the sights of the capital?

There are many governmental buildings in Washington, DC. The Capitol is the place where Congress meets. Inaugurations of US Presidents take place in front of the Capitol.

White House is the place where the US President works and lives. Oval office is the President’s office. President Adams was the first to live in the white House.

Washington monument is built to remember the first American President - George Washington. Its nickname is «The Pencil».

Lincoln Memorial is built to remember one of the greatest President Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves and united the country.

The Library of Congress.

The Metro is called subway.

Jefferson memorial is built to remember Thomas Jefferson – the author of the original draft of the Declaration of Independence.


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