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A bit of reading practice

Read and try to understand this sort of advertisement

Founded in 1998, and despite its recent start, CLR (name of the company) has achieved status within the international PC arena, marking us as one of the fastest growing, most dynamic computer companies in the world. With its headquarters in Miami, Florida the company spans a sales and service network across 20 nations, in which it has established a high level of credibility and recognition.

Our goal is to offer a range of explicit customer services and introduce an interesting combination of rather unique technologies to all of our customers based around the world. To date, we con­tinue our tradition of product excellence and differentiation; the very same principles that placed us on the top list of quality PC, Monitor, and Notebook suppliers in the USA and parts of Eu­rope. Through hard work and absolute dedication to our product development and customers, the international presence of CLR will surely create excitement for many regional players, redefining the market share charts! Our goal is to become a service effective, one-stop shopping center serving all your PC technology needs.

CLR products and procedures yield the most advanced and most comprehensive range of services for all PC users. As our new slogan, 'Technology Into the Future', reveals our true intentions towards the PC market of today and our ambitions for the future. Breaking many popular benchmark scores and lauded by the in­ternational press, our systems are made to exceed your expecta­tions on what a PC can do for you. The distinct features surpass the PC of today and set the standards towards the technological powerhouse of tomorrow. Innovation, Quality and Aesthetic de­tails are some of the factors focused on while designing the CLR product line, a truly technological triumph of today and a secure investment for the future.

Suppose you're going to establish your own computer company. You know an old saying 'No publicity, no prosperity'. Make up your own advertisement


5. Let's discuss

At present even not very experienced people feel that the progress in computer area is advancing stunningly fast. Of course, it's almost impossible to foresee what will happen even in a year if things will go that way. Nevertheless stir up your imagination and explain what, according to your opinion, kind of hardware and software will be available, let's say, in ten years. Moot question, isn't it? But you have all the possibilities to check your prediction. Just wait.

If you paid your attention to the quotation at the beginning of this unit, you could not but remember the kernel of it: man's limbs will atrophy due to the computer progress.

What about human's brain?

The axiom asserts: computers do much mental work for people; as a consequence, people do not exercise mentally; hence, their brains are atrophying gradually. Is it so? What is your opi­nion?

It's a sort of a joke, but try to object. Be so kind as to give full answer.

Relax a bit

He who laughs last probably doesn't understand the joke.

Progress might have been all right once but it has gone on too long.

O. Nash

The cloning of humans is on the most of the lists of things to worry about from Science, along with behavior control, genetic engineering, transplanted heads, computer poetry and the unrestrained growth of plastic flowers.

L. Thomas

Taking Computer for Granted

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