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No computer can function without some form of software.

Let's compare it with another one:

Not many computers can be found in small towns and villages.

Both sentences are all right, but can you explain why in the first statement is used ęnoĽ and in the second ęnotĽ. Do you feelthat it is correct or do you understandthat it is correct? Check yourself. Fill the gaps choosing between noand not.

1. I have .... friends in this town.

2. I have .... time to go to the party. I must hit the books.

3. Are you going to study English? .... right away.

4. I have .... memory for names.

5. I do .... have memory for names.

6. It is .... a Pentium.

7. It is .... Pentium 4; it's a Pentium 3.

8. I used to think that there was .... difference between NO and NOT.

9. I have .... answer to this question.

10. I have .... the slightest idea of that.

11. I'm .... the person you're looking for.

12. I have .... idea.

13. It's of.... interest to me.

14. You have .... chance to work with this company.

15. You have .... the slightest chance to work with this company.

16. There's .... a chance for you to work with this company.

17. There's .... pen on the table.

18. May I borrow your pen, please? Sorry, I have .... pen. It is .... a pen. It's a pencil.

19. There are .... people in the street at night.

20. There's .... a person in the street at night.

21. I do .... need your advice. I'll solve the problem on my own.

22. I said I need .... advice.
23 news is good news.

24. There is .... possibility that we'll get there in two hours.

25. It is .... possible that we'll get there in two hours.


Vocabulary training

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling

2. Identification of words.

Match the words from the list below with their definitions. You may help yourself looking up the dictionary at the end of this book,

1 Tightly 6 Execute 11 Inevitable 16 Etch 21 Vary
2ColIoquial 7Simultane ous 12 Forecast 17 Available 22Corresp ond
3 Control 8 Flexible 13 Pit 18 Ensure 23 Task
4 Store 9 Drug 14 Flow 19 Perform 24 Attach
5 Affinity 10 Current 15 Extreme 20 Light 25 Step≠brother


2. 3.
















close likeness or agreement join to

ready to be used

used in everyday speech but not in formal writing or speaking to be similar (to), match belonging to the present time a substance used in medicine to treat illness make sure

eat out by acid, light etc carry out

far from the ordinary or usual, very great fault, imperfection easily bent to predict

not able to be avoided not heavy to do, to act a hole


19.............. ............ to regulate

20.............. ............ happening at the same time

21.............. ............ child of an earlier marriage of one's father

or mother

22.............. ............ put aside for future

23.............. ............ a set piece of work to be done

24.............. ............ closely

25.............. ............ make, be, or become different

2. Useful expressions

Words are loaded pistols. Jean-Paid Sartre

Make up sentences using the italicized expressions from the list below:

to be distributed on a medium to be written on a certain substance

to be in current use to be used at present time

to be widely spread to become widely known, distributed

to carry out to perform

needles to say it's not necessary to say

present day now

to run information to control information

to switch off to turn off

to switch on to turn on

3. Reading comprehension

Read the text, try to understand the topic and put the items in the right order. Take it into account that the first one is in the right position.

1. A virus is a program that will seek to duplicate itself in memory and on discs, but in a subtle way that will not immediately be noticed.

2. Note also that different platforms have different general le≠vels of resistance, Unix machines are almost immune, Win '95/'98/Me is quite vulnerable, and most others lie somewhere in between.


3. Therefore a computer on the same network as an infected computer or that uses an infected disc (floppy or CD) or that downloads and runs an infected program can itself become infected.

4. For example, on a network consisting of a WinTel box, a Mac, and a Linux box, if one machine acquires a virus the other two will probably still be safe.

5. A virus can only spread to computers of the same plat≠form.

4. Computer terms in use

A. Match the terms in the left-hand column with their defini≠tions in the right-hand column, E.G. 1-3,


1. digital computer 1. a device that executes individual program instructions and controls the operations of other parts of the computer
2. software 2. a hard disc on which data are stored in the form of etched pits
3. hardware 3. a program that controls a peripheral device
4. scanner 4. a device, which manipulates information coded as binary numbers
5. driver program 5. visual display terminal
6. CPU 6. computer
7. VDT 7. the mechanical, electrical and electronic components of a computer system
8. floppy disc 8. a device for copying texts and pictures
9. CD ROM 9. a flexible disc, a storage device on which data are recorded magnetically
10. DDT 10. a software error or flaw
11. bug 11. debugging program
12. RAM 12. a permanent type of memory storage for important data that does not change
13. ROM 13. short-term memory
14. confuser 14. a collection of programs

Taking Computer for Granted

B. Find out Russian equivalents of the computer tenns given below. If it is beyond your grasp, give at least Russian explanation.



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