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Describing location

It’s in (Italy/Moscow region/Russia), in the north/south/east/west of… it’s an island in the Pacific/Atlantic, etc.., it’s a group of islands in… it’s an island nation in…, south-west of…to the south of… it’s between… and…, on the coast, it borders…

Describing a country

The capital is…, the population is about…, the official languages are…, it’s a member of…, it has elections every…, it makes its money from…, it’s famous for its…, in the past it was goerned by…, it became independent in…

a lake, a forest; a city famous for its canals, a desert, a lot of historical monuments, beautiful scenery, rivers, cathedrals, churches, a desert, a hot climate, volcanoes, art galleries, a square, a market, a park

Talking about a place in your country

You probably know, I know that, I don’t know much about, I don’t know what, I don’t really know for sure, but I think…, As far as I know,…

A popular destination for tourists



1. What stereotypes do you know about the UK? Russia?

2. Are they 100% wrong? What are things actually like?

3. Speak about your country. Where is it situated?

4. What is the capital, political form? What is the population?

5. What are people like in your country? What is the food like?

6. What type of scenery and climate does your country have?

7. What are the popular destinatons for tourists?

8. Speak about your favourite place. Why do you think it is important or interesting?

9. Where is it exactly?

10. What do you know about its history?

11. Have you been there? What is it like?

12. What other countries would you like to visit and why?


Unit 13

Now and then




A digital camera, a webcam, a laptop, a music player, a printer, a mobile phone

I need to have it with me, I use it all the time, I use it for my job/studies. I don’t know how to use them, makes life easier, I hardly ever use, I don’t even have one, I don’t bother with it, I would die without it, I couldn’t live without my…

Use the Internet, watch TV online, open an email account, talk/chat online, buy something online

To arrange to meet up by Internet, to call friends/them up on the phone, the latest news, check TV/Internet news, click on the news story, there’s more choice, people decide what to watch/read, it’s so easy to shop


1. What are the most common gadgets today? Which do you have?

2. What gadget wouldn’t you live without? Why? How often do you use it? Do you use it for work/studies or your personal life?

3. Are there any gadgets you’re not interested in having? Why not?

4. Which do you wish to have one day?

5. What is important for you in a phone? Is the brand important? How often do you make phone calls? Is it expensive?

6. What games did you use to play as a child? Is today’s kids’ life different?

7. Do you think life has greatly changed in the past 30-50 years? In what way?

8. What technology do you use at home and at work? What about other people you know?

9. How have these things changed your life? What did you use to do without them?

10. How has technology changed life around the world, globally?

11. What latest inventions do you know?

12. Do you think progress is always for good? Why/Why not?

13. What areas of technology should be developed first of all?

14. What do you think will soon become a thing of the past?


Unit 14

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