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Exercise 8. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, the Present Indefinite or the Present Continuous.

1. “Where is Andy?” – “Mary (read) her a bed-time story.” 2. Modern trains (go) very fast. 3. “I’m afraid I must go now.” – “Where you (go)?” – “I (go) to have lunch with my partner.” 4. It (be) the early bird that (catch) the worm. 5. Every cloud (have) a silver lining. 6. “Why you (laugh)?” – she cried. “Because you (talk) nonsense.” 7. He (laugh) best, who (laugh) last. 8. Actions (speak) louder than words. 9. Eric (speak) to the dean, and they both (smile). 10. “I’ve got a headache,” Milly moaned. “Get me some painkiller. My head (split).” 11. That’s the way she always (react). 12. I’m so careless. I always (forget) my keys. 13. They (be) in the cafeteria. They (have) their breakfast. 14. Every week I (attend) additional classes to improve my English. 15. It’s time to review grammar. It (get) more difficult every day. 16. How many languages Tom (speak)? 17. I can see from what you say that your mornings are very busy! What you (do) this afternoon? 18. This workbook (include) grammar, but it (not/include) vocabulary. 19. I (give away) this dictionary. Do you want to have it? 20. Please, don’t make so much noise. The girls (study) in the next room. 21. What exactly the book lists (involve)? 22. Please be quiet! You continually (interrupt). 23. Girls (not/share) changing rooms with boys. 24. More and more young people (come) from village schools to study at University. 25. Each person (be) a unique individual. 26. Water (boil) at 100 degrees Centigrade. 27. We (meet) twice a week. 28. He (take) his English lesson: he always (take) his lessons in the morning. 29. Where is John? He (prepare) his lessons; he usually (prepare) them at that time. 30. I (not understand) your remark. 31. You (know) that we need hundreds of thousands and even millions of skilled workers. 32. Can you hear what I (say)? 33. After a whole week of clear weather, it (begin) to rain in earnest. 34. Down by the pine wood they (lay) a new road. 35. They (ask) for you on the telephone. 36. How you (feel)? 37. I (see) what you mean. 38. I (see) just my friend off. 39. It was freezing as it only (freeze) in December. 40. This thermometer (register) rises in temperature accurately enough. 41. Somebody (knock) at the door. 42. I often (spend) my summer vacation at the sea-side. 43. I cannot go out because it (rain). 44. What (be) the title of the book you (read)? 45. Look, smoke (come) out of that window. 46. The sun (set). What a glorious sight it is! 47. The clock (strike), it is time to go home.


Exercise 9. Open the brackets using the Present Simple or the Present Continuous tense-forms

1. Have you got a light? – Sorry, I (not/smoke). 2. My wife has never been to France. She (plan) to go there next summer. 3. Your car is so clean. How often you (wash) it? 4. Students often (think) that exams (be) a nuisance. 5. Peter seldom (tell) the truth. You can’t believe everything he (say). 6. You (understand) what he (talk) about? 7. Nancy (look) like her father. 8. What you (do)? – I’m an engineer. 9. The soup (taste) good. 10. Your brother (be) a student now? – Yes, he (study) at university. 11. Ann (play) the piano better than Susan. And who (play) now? – I (think) it (be) Susan. 12. What you (do) tomorrow evening? – I (go) to the theatre. 13. I usually (not/have) breakfast before I (go) to work. 14. She often (take) my dictionary but seldom (remember) to bring it back. If tomorrow she (ask) for the dictionary again, I shan’t give it to her. 15. What a beautiful dress you (wear)! When did you buy it? 16. He is a night watchman. He (work) at night and (sleep) in the daytime. 17. She (be) a dietician. She (help) people to choose the right food. 18. They (say) if you (see) a black cat, you (not/have) good luck. 19. Jane (be) in Paris now. She (learn) French there. 20. If Peter (continue) to drive his car carelessly, he’ll get into a traffic accident. 21. You (hear) this noise downstairs? What can it be? 22. Have you heard about Tom? He (build) a new house now. 23. You’ll have to put on your rubber boots if it (not/stop) raining in a minute. 24. If I (have) some time in the evening, I’ll repair your bicycle. 25. Excuse me, but you (stand) on my foot. 26. She (give) two concerts in London next week. 27. What time the children (come) out of school, as a rule? 28. Why you (smell) the meat? It (not/ be) fresh? 29. She always (let) me down! 30. You (believe) in God? 31. You always (complain) about the weather! 32. Take the saucepan off the cooker! The water (boil). 33. I’m afraid you can’t see my daughter at the moment. She (have) a music lesson. She always (have) it on Friday mornings. 34. She (be) still ill, but she (get) better now. 35. It often (rain) here at this time of the year? 36. Don’t interrupt me while I (talk) to somebody else. 37. He’s a doctor, but he (not/practise) at the moment. 38. What he (do)? – He (try) to get the car started. 39. In Britain most shops (close) at 5.30 p.m. 40. I’m sorry it’s so noisy, but we (move) the furniture. 41. Where you (come) from? – I (come) from Russia. 42. Flowers always (make) a good present. 43. Alice never (go) to work by bus. She (walk) through the park, as a rule. 44. What he (mean) by saying this? It (sound) strange. 45. I (write) to my parents twice a month. 46. She always (be late) for classes! 47. I (write) this letter to you while the children (play) on the beach. Actually, they (play) there every day. 48. If we (start) at nine, we’ll have plenty of time for the shops. We (be) free till half past four. 49. They always (tell) him everything. So I (think), he (know) about it already. 50. This carpet (cost) 30 dollars. Why not buy it? 51. He still (try) to find a job but there (not / be) much work available at present. 52. Believe me, I (think) about you all the time. 53. I (not/know) how they (make) both ends meet. They (have) six children and (not/earn) very much. 54. My mother (think) that hitch-hiking (be) dangerous. 55. The police (look) into the matter now. 56. People (like) stability in life. 57. They (open) a new McDonald’s tomorrow. 58. The English (believe) that their home (be) their castle. 59. Mike (arrive) in three days. We can’t wait until he (come). Everyone (look forward) to seeing him. 60. What a wonderful day we (have) today! 61. When he (have) a problem to solve he will work at it until he (find) an answer. 62. The equator (run) round the middle of the earth. 63. Jack and Helen (live) in the Hague. At the moment they (travel) round Britain. 64. When snakes (lose) their skins? 65. The English (like) coalfires even though they (not/produce) much heat. 66. My brother (not/be) very much what he (look) like. 67. She always (lose) her temper! 68. A hot-air balloon (float) because hot air (be) lighter than cool air. A hot air balloon (consist) of a basket in which the pilot and the crew (stand), a gas burner and a large balloon. 69. As soon as doctors (find) an answer to AIDS, they will be able to cure people. 70. You (look) great after your holiday! – Yes, I (feel) wonderful! 71. You can borrow my Walkman unless you (lose) it. 72. Have I told you about how Ann (get on) at college? 73. He (be) intelligent but he (lack) common sense. 74. The house (be) in good condition but it (need) to be repainted. 75. He (waste) his time looking for a job there, they (not/take) any staff on now. 76. The man who (live) opposite us sometimes (come) over for a cup of coffee. 77. She (dislike) asking people for favours. 78. If I (have) a headache I generally (take) an aspirin. 79. In England it always (rain) and the wind constantly (blow)! 80. If you (heat) ice, it (melt). 81. Don’t take the newspaper away! I still (read) it. 82. How I (look) in this dress? It (suit) me? 83. Much of eastern England (have) soil that (produce) crops of a very high yield. 84. Let’s sit for a while. My feet (ache) me. 85. I (see) no way of avoiding the problem. 86. At the moment the company (reorganize) its departments. 87. I (leave) for Minsk tomorrow morning. 88. Scotland (occupy) the northern part of Great Britain, (not/do) it? 89. Good news! Sue and Paul (come) to stay with us. 90. Can you close the window? It (freeze) in here. 91. My cousin (attend) a university in Midwest which (specialize) in astronomy. 92. Every time cigarettes (go) up in price, many people (try) to stop smoking. 93. The food that Mother (cook) in the kitchen (smell) delicious. 94. Whenever it (rain) very hard, the stream (overflow). 95. No wonder the house (be) so cold! You always (leave) the doors open! 96. The film (be) very confusing. You (understand) what (go) on?


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