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Exercise 6. Open the brackets putting the verbs into the Past Simple or the Past Continuous tense-forms.

1. When the door-bell (ring) he (stand) up and (go) to the door. 2. It (rain) hard this morning when I (wake up). 3. While I (have) breakfast this morning, my sister (phone) from Mexico. 4. When I (see) his face, I (realize) my mistake. 5. I (take) my umbrella because it (rain). 6. Yesterday morning he (wake up) late and (miss) his breakfast. 7. When he (work) in the garden he (hurt) his knee. 8. Linda (wait) for the bus when I (see) her. 9. I (look) out of the window and (see) that it (snow) hard. 10. When the parents (come) from the theatre yesterday evening, the children (sleep). 11. When the guests (arrive) Mrs. Black still (cook) dinner. 12. Tom (not/want) to lend us the money at first but then he (agree). 13. The illness (get) worse and worse. In the end he (go) into hospital for an operation. 14. I (walk) along the road yesterday when I (meet) an old friend of mine. She (go) to the post-office. 15. We (see) an accident when we (wait) for the bus. 16. It was an amazing coincidence. Just as I (write) to Ann, she came to my house to see me. 17. I (go) to sleep at 3 o’clock this morning and (wake) up an hour later at 4 o’clock. 18. He (give) up his job as a journalist and (become) a teacher. 19. While we (be) on holiday, we (spend) most of our time swimming and sailing. 20. When my car (break) down I (phone) a garage. 21. When I (cook) I (cut) myself. 22. Ann (show) me a photograph and then (go) to the kitchen for some drinks. 23. Sally (lie) in bed when her mother (enter) the room. 24. This (use) to be a station and all the London trains (stop) here. But two years ago they (close) the station and (give) us a bus service instead. 25. I (go) to Jack’s house but (not/find) him in. His mother (say) that she (not/know) what he (do) but (think) he probably (play) football. 26. We (cycle) along the road when we (see) a huge lorry. 27. “What you (do) between 9.00 and 10.00 yesterday?” (ask) the detective. – “I (clean) my house”, said Mrs Jones. “I always clean my house on Saturday mornings.” 28. Although he (agree) with me on most points, there (remain) one to which he was unwilling to yield. 29. We (arrive) as they (leave). 30. She (weep) bitterly while she (tell) her story. 31. As Mary (get) out of the boat her foot (slip) and she (fall) into the water. 32. While I (wait) for the bus I (notice) a group of tourists who (listen) intently to guide. 33. I (try) to explain the situation to my parents, but they just (not / understand) what I (talk) about. 34. She (injure) her ankle while she (jog) in the park. 35. I (feel) rather worried. It (get) darker and colder, but there (be) still no sign of the rescue helicopter. 36. How often you (visit) your cousins when you (be) in the States last year? 37. John’s children (use) to be well-behaved but now they are quite naughty. 38. While I (row) across the lake I (lose) one oar. 39. At school I (dislike) the maths teacher because he always (pick) on me. 40. Nobody (watch), so the little boy (take) a packet of sweets from the shelf and (put) it into his pocket. 41. The plane (crash) into a bridge because it (fly) too low. 42. While I (try) to concentrate on my composition, a friend of mine (offer) to help me. 43. Last fall I (drive) along a free way when I (run) out of gas. Luckily a truck (stop) and (give) me a lift. 44. When they (walk) through the countryside one day they (come) across a ruined mansion. 45. While we (clean) the attic, we (come) across our grandmother’s old school books. 46. The driver (fall) asleep as he (drive) along. 47. I (not / understand) what (go on). Several people (shout) at me and one (wave) a newspaper in front of my face. 48. The article (say) that crime (grow) at a rapid rate, especially in urban areas. 49. At six o’clock this evening I (walk), but then the rain (start). 50. Laura (not / wear) her glasses at that time, so she (not / notice) what kind of car the man (drive). 51. We (not/go) to the skating rink, because it (freeze) hard. 52. While I (have) a shower someone (knock) at the door. 53. She said she (get) more forgetful as she (grow) older. 54. The only thing I disliked about him when we (study) at college was that he always (borrow) my things without asking. 55. While we (get) on the train, we (see) a robbery take place. 56. While the boys (skate) they (slip) on the thin ice and (fall) into the water. 57. The sun (shine) so brightly that Maria (have) to put on her sunglasses. 58. Bobby always (make) up excuses for being late when he studied at school.


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