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Match the parts of the sentence.

1) You can see the boss 2) I would have bought it 3) Weíll go to the beach tomorrow 4) He would go by plane 5) If she hadnít slept late a) unless it rains. b) provided that he is not too busy. c) if Iíd had enough money with me. d) she wouldnít have missed the train. e) if it was cheaper.


3. Fill in: if, unless, provided or as long.

1) You will not be allowed into the building ___ you have a security pass.

2) ___ that you book your flight early, you will get a seat.

3) ___ as you follow the instructions exactly, you wonít have any difficulty.

4) ___ you meet Darren, give him my regards.

5) You can hire a car in France ___ as you have a driving licence and youíre over 23.

6) You canít enter the country ___ you have a passport.

7) The kidnappers wonít release the child ___ the ransom is paid.


Complete the sentences using these words and phrases.

was, leaving, canít, might, starts, am, would be, become, take, should


1) If I ___ not busy, Iíll visit you.

2) If he ___ careful, he wouldnít break things.

3) If he were slimmer, he ___ much more attractive.

4) If she ___ Prime Minister, sheíll raise taxes.

5) Unless you stop wasting time, Iím ___ right now.

6) If you donít give me more information, I ___ help you.

7) If a fire ___, the alarm goes off.

8) You ___ make your food if you donít like my cooking.

9) ___ more exercises and youíll soon feel better.

10) If the weather improved, I ___ go for a stroll.


Complete these sentences to make appropriate Third Conditional or Mixed Conditional sentences, using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1) If I ___ (visit) Athens last year, I ___ (phone) you.

2) If only I ___ (know) you already had tickets, I ___ (not get) any for you.

3) If you ___ (start) coming to the course earlier, you ___ (could pass) the exam.

4) If I ___ (not be) so shy at the party last Sunday, I ___ (might make) more friends.

5) If you ___ (not spend) so much money, I ___ (not be) angry now.

6) I ___ (could become) an accountant if I ___ (be) good at maths.

7) She ___ (get) promotion last year if she ___ (not argue) with the boss.

8) He ___ (not get) the job, if he ___ (not wear) a tie.

9) If I ___ (meet) you before, my life ___ (be) different.

10) If he ___ (not see) the other car, there ___ (be) a serious accident.


Complete these conditional sentences in any way appropriate.

1) Had I know you were angry with me, ___.

2) Heíll receive it tomorrow ___.

3) She will feel much better ___.

4) ___ provided itís cheap enough.

5) If the ship had arrived punctually, ___.

6) Unless we loose our way, ___.

7) I would never have done such a thing ___.

8) If it werenít the wrong advice they gave me, ___.

9) Should the flight be cancelled, ___.

10) My sister would go out every evening ___.


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