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Put the verbs into the correct form.

1) If I tell you a secret, you (promise) not to tell it to anyone else?

2) If I lend you $10, when you (repay) me?

3) If you will kindly sit down, I (make) enquires for you.

4) The police (arrest) him if they catch him.

5) Someone (steal) your car if you leave it unlocked.

6) Unless he (sell) more he won稚 get much commission.

7) If the house (burn) down we can claim compensation.

8) Unless you are more careful, you (have) an accident.

9) If a driver brakes suddenly on a wet road he (skid).

10) If you (not known) the meaning of a word you may use a dictionary.

11) I知 not expecting any messages you say that I値l be (ring) while I am out could you say that I値l be back by 6.00?

12) If Jack (refuse) to help we値l have to manage without him.

13) You can ask for a continental breakfast if you (not want) a full breakfast.

14) If you (finish) with your dictionary I壇 like to borrow it.


2. Put the verbs into the correct tenses.

1) I値l look for your notebook and if I (find) it I (give) you a ring.

2) If you (like) I (get) you a job in this company.

3) If you (smoke) in a non-smoking compartment the other passengers (object).

4) I値l wash the glasses in this nice hot water. No, don稚. If you (put) them into very hot water they (crack).

5) I expect it will freeze tonight. If it (freeze) tonight the roads (be) slippery tomorrow.

6) He痴 only 16 but he wants to leave school at the end of the term. If he (leave) now he (be) sorry afterwards.

7) If he (win) he (get) $1,000, if he (come) in second he (get) $500.

8) If you (give) me your phone number, sir, we (let) you know when it (arrive).

9) How long ... it ... (take) if you (order) one for me?

10) If it (not fit), madam, (bring) it back and we (change) it.

11) If you (wait) a minute, sir, I (see) if the manager (be) free.

12) I (get) any discount if I (pay) cash?

13) If you (leave) it with me now, it (not take) more than a couple of days to repair.

14) If you (not see) what you (want), sir, just (ask) one of the assistants.

Use the correct verb form instead of the Infinitive in brackets.

1) Mother (to be) very tired, if she (to go) home by train.

2) If the weather (to be) fine next weekend, we (to go) to the country.

3) I (to be) always at home if you (to ring) me up this summer.

4) I always (to help) you this year if you (to need) help.

5) Granny sometimes (not to hear) if little Eddie (to call) her.

6) If the days (to be) sunny in spring, we (to work) in the garden.

7) If Father (to leave) for the south, Mother (to start) preparations.

8) If my parents (not to work) on Saturday, we all (to go) skiing.

9) My father (to buy) a new house, if the bank manager (to lend) him the money.


4. Choose the correct expression in the following sentences.

Model: You can drop in and see us whenever/on condition you like.

1) Until/When he arrives, everyone must stand.

2) We池e not going to stop digging until/as soon as we find the ancient ruins.

3) They池e going to check the building before/as long as the President arrives.

4) Those flowers will be in bloom immediately/by the time spring comes.

5) Please phone your dad the time/immediately.

6) Supposing/In case you had a baby girl 殆hat would you call her?

7) Whether/If Chelsea wins the cups depends on Dennis being on good form.

8) When/After the Smiths arrive, ask them to wait outside my office.

9) As soon as/Before you hear the alarm, run for the exit.

10) You値l recover quickly once/provided you rest.


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