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Conditions, etc. (US labor union)

Trainee solicitor (UK) position of one who is completing

The practical apprenticeship required for a person to

Qualify as a solicitor. It is the second step to

Becoming a solicitor (follows the completion of the

Legal Practice Course and is followed by the

Professional Skills Course).

Transfer to conveyor to pass property or a right to

Another by any method

Tribunal body with either judicial or quasi-judicial


Trust legal device used to set aside money or property of

One person or company for the benefit of another

Person or company. In the US, trusts are business

Combinations with the aims of a monopoly.

Trustee person who holds something in trust for

Someone else

Trustee in bankruptcy person appointed to handle the

Affairs of a bankrupt party

Trustee in sequestration person appointed to handle the

Property of another person until the court determines

The ownership of that property

Trustee under a deed of arrangement person

Determined by contract to handle the property and

Affairs of an insolvent person while debts are being

paid and creditors' claims are being settled

Trustee under a trust of deed person who holds legal

Title for real property of another person who has

Pledged that property as collateral for a loan

Trustbuster (US) person who fights against

Anticompetitive trusts, often a federal officer

ultra vires (Latin) unauthorised, beyond a person's legal


Unauthorised use sale, licensing or otherwise dealing,

Especially with a view to profit, of a copyright that is

Done without the authority of the person who

Possesses the copyright

Undertakings (UK) enterprise, a company or a group of

Companies (US business, firm or enterprise)

unfair dismissal unjust termination of an employee's

Employment contract. The question is whether the

Employer acted reasonably in dismissing the


Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) (US) act harmonising

The law of sales and commercial transactions in all

States in the US

United Nations Convention on the Contracts for the

International Sale of Goods Act (CISG) convention of

The United Nations which sets forth rules governing

Contracts for the international sale of goods

usufruct right to use another person's property for a

Period of time, to be later restored to the owner with

Only ordinary wear and tear

Versus (vs. or v.) (Latin) against

Vertical merger combining of two or more firms who are

At different levels in the economic supply chain, for

Example producer and distributor

Vest 1) to give full title to a property to a person; 2) to

Give a person an immediate fixed right

Videlicet (viz.) (Latin) as follows

voluntary liquidation (UK) termination of a company's

Business that is supported by company shareholders

(US dissolution or winding-up)

Warranty of title guarantee that the seller has title to

The property being sold, that there are no liens .or

Encumbrances on the property other than those that

Have been disclosed, and that the transfer of property

Is valid

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