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You will hear the recording twice. While you listen you must complete both tasks.

A the firm's



B the attitude of



C the firm's ambitious

Plans for the future

D the range of work

Available to junior


E the flexible working

Arrangements on


F the image

Projected by the

firm's literature

Speaker 1 .

Speaker 2 .

Speaker 3 ..

Speaker 4....

Speaker 5 ..



.. (28)


.. (30)

A getting involved in

Staff training

B learning to choose

Which projects to

Work on Speaker 1 .

C being involved With

High-profile clients Speaker 2 ..

D working with the

.. (23) firm's other Speaker 3 ..


E being given Speaker 4 ..

Responsibility for

(25) whole projects Speaker 5 ..

F working with highly



Test of Speaking



Interlocutor Good morning (afternoon/evening). My name is . and this is my colleague,

And your names are?

Can I have your mark sheets, please?

Thank you.

First of all, we'd like to know a little about you.

Ask candidates the following questions in turn.

. Where are you both from?

. (Candidate A), have you ever practised law or are you a law student?

. And what about you, (Candidate B)?

Ask candidates who have practised law one further question, as appropriate.

. Could you briefly describe your practice and your area of expertise?

. Could you tell us what you find enjoyable about being a lawyer?

. What kind of qualities do you think a good lawyer needs?

Ask candidates who have not practised law one further question, as appropriate.

. Could you tell us what you are currently studying?

. Could you tell us what made you decide to study law?

. In your opinion, is stu9ying law more difficult than studying other subjects?

Ask each candidate one further question, as appropriate.

. In your opinion, what effect is technology having on the practice of law?

What do you think law firms look for in associates when considering

forming partnerships?

. How do lawyers advertise their services in your country?

Thank you.

ILECpracticetest E




Candidate A


Candidate A




Candidate B


Candidate B




Now, in this part of the test I'm going to give each of you a choice of two different

topics. I'd like you to select one of the topics and give a short talk on it for about a


You will have a minute to choose and prepare your topic. After you have finished

Your talk, your partner will ask you a question.

All right?(Candidate A), it's your turn first. Here are your topics and some ideas to

Use if you wish.

Place Part 2 booklets, open at Task lA/B, in front (~feach candidate. *

G Approximately one minute of preparation time.

All right? Now, (Candidate A), which topic have you chosen, A or B?

Confirms topic.

(Candidate B), please listen carefully to (Candidate A's) talk, and then ask him/her a

question about it. (Candidate A) would you like to start talking about [state chosen

topic] now please?

G One minute.

Thank you. Now, (Candidate B), can you ask (Candidate A), a question about his/her


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Her ability to work independently | G Up to one minute.
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