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G Up to one minute.

Thank you. Now, (Candidate B), it's your turn. You will have a minute to choose and

Prepare your topic. After you have finished your talk, your partner will ask you a


All right? Here are your topics and some ideas to use if you wish.

Place Part 2 booklets, open at Task 2A/B, in front of each candidate. *

G Approximately one minute of preparation time.

All right? Now, (Candidate B), which topic have you chosen, A or B?

Confirms topic.

(Candidate A), please listen carefully to (Candidate B's) talk, and then ask him/her a

question about it. (Candidate B) would you like to start talking about [state chosen

topic] now please?

G One minute.

Thank you. Now,(Candidate A), can you ask (Candidate B), a question about his/her


G Up to one minute.

Thank you. Can I have the booklets, please? Retrieve booklets.

~ * Note: In a live examination, there will be a range of tasks for the examiner to choose from.

English Use in International Business Law

The effect of the increased use of the English language in business transactions . the level of English needed

The importance of language in law

Intellectual Property Law

An example of what is copyrightable in your country . the rights that copyright provides

The differences between intellectual property protection from one country to another

Contract Law

The most important points of a contract . what effect an oral contract has

What happens if a contract is broken

The Legal Profession

The legal training system in your country . the types of work opportunities for lawyers

The functions of professional bodies governing lawyers

ILECpractice test








Now, in this part of the test you are going to discuss something together, but

Please speak so that we can hear you.

PlacePart3 booklet,openat Task24, infront of the candidates.*

Your company is thinking of investing in another country. The Managing

Director has asked the legal department for some recommendations.

There are some discussion points to help you.

You will have about three minutes to discuss this. Is that clear?

Please start your discussion now.

G Approximately three minutes.

Thank you. Can I have the booklet, please?

Retrieve booklet.


Select any of the following questions as appropriate:

What other important issues should people consider when they are thinking of

investing in another country?

Do investors from other countries have to worry about restrictions when buying

real estate in your country?

How important is Government and currency stability when considering investing

in another country?

. What can investors do to protect their investments in another country?

Thank you. That is the end of the test.

* Note: In a live examination there will be a range of tasks for the examiner to choose from.

Investing In Another Country

Your company is thinking of investing in another country. The Managing Director has asked

The legal department for some recommendations.

Discussion points . what 'investing in another country' means

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You will hear the recording twice. While you listen you must complete both tasks. | The types of regulations your company might be subjected to in another country . the possible results of not complying with local regulations
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