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Her ability to work independently

Her commitment to the cases she works on

C her willingness to work closely with her colleagues

The female partner feels that the lawyer called Pedro



should spend more time analysing his clients' needs.

Needs to refer more of his queries to her.

C would benefit from further training.

ILECpractice test


Part 2

Questions 7-11

You hear part of a consultation between a lawyer and a new client, Anna Krupa

Who is planning to set up her own business. For questions 7-11, choose the best

Answer (A, B or C).

You will hear the recording twice.

The law firm has previously represented Anna's husband in



A dispute involving his inheritance.

Setting up his own commercial venture.

C an insurance claim regarding his company.

What does Anna tell the lawyer about her current situation?



She is in full-time employment at present.

She is completing a course of further study.

C She is putting resources into ideas of her own.

What made Anna decide to leave her last employer?



She was unable to get on with her new boss.

She felt she was not making sufficient progress in her career.

C She was dissatisfied with a change to her employee benefits package.

Anna thinks that the restrictive covenant in her previous employment agreement



Is no longer binding on her.

Imposes limits on where she can work.

C prevents her from disclosing company policy.

What is Anna's next priority for her proposed business venture?



Ensuring that her new invention is protected by a patent

Establishing the most economic way of moving forward

C finding the right employees and appropriate office space

Part 3

Questions 12-20

You will hear an announcement at a seminar about a future conference on the

Subjectof taxationlaw in SouthAmerica.Forquestions12-20, complete the


You will hear the recording twice.

Conference on tax incentives in Latin America

Th-18th March

The conference will be useful for


As well as corporate lawyers.

Early registration allows young lawyers, university teachers

and ."n

To pay a lower fee.

ISA members registering after 18th February pay a conference fee of


.. (14)

Delegates get materials in advance plus a week's access

to the association's - -- (15)

Part of the conference is being organised as a

(16) for young lawyers.

On day one, sessions will focus on tax issues in sectors such as

Financial services and the. and (17) industries.

On day two, the sectors focused on include ecotourism,

Utilities and. .. (18)

Each session will include both a presentation and a

On a particular issue.

Once fees are paid, the organisers will provide documentation

For delegates who need to obtain a .. -- (20)

ILECpractice test


Part 4

Questions 21-30

You will hear five short extracts in which various employees of a law firm called

Haddiscoe are talking about working for the company.


For questions 21-25, choose from the list A-F the

Thing that impressed each speaker about the firm


For questions 26-30, choose from the list A-F

What each speaker regards as the most valuable

Experience they have gained whilst with the firm.

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