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Ask candidates who have practised law one further question, as appropriate.

0 Could you briefly describe the organisation you work for?

0 Could you tell us what you find most enjoyable about being a lawyer?

0 What advice would you give to lawyers starting their careers?



Ask candidates who have not practised law one further question, as appropriate.

C Couldyou tell us in which area of the law would like to practise?

0 Couldyou brieflydescribe what you are studying?

0 What have you found difficultabout studying law?

Ask each candidate one further question, as appropriate.

C In your opinion, how could universities in your country improve the study of law?

0 What opportunities are there for newly qualified lawyers in your country?

C What opinion do people in your country have of those who work in the legal profession?

Part 2

What you have to do

In this part of the Test of Speaking, you and your partner both give a different oneminute

Talk. The interlocutor hands each of you, in turn, two written topics, and you

Have one minute to choose one from the set of two and prepare to talk about it.

Both topics include three prompts, which you may use if you wish.

After you have given your talk, your partner will ask you a question. This questionand-

Answer section also lasts about one minute.

What is being tested

Not your legal knowledge, but your ability to give a short, informative talk on a lawrelated

Topic. You are assessed on how well you can organise information and

Ideas, use vocabulary appropriately, express and justify opinions, and convey a

Clear message.

This part of the test lasts seven minutes.


When preparing your talk, organise your thoughts around a few key ideas.

(j Begin your talk by picking up on the topic and developing different aspects of it, using the

Prompts if you wish.

.,) Don't worry if you don't have time to cover all the prompts given.

Speak coherently and avoid pausing for too long.

Try to link ideas and sections of the talk with connecting words and phrases (discourse


Tryto use a range of grammar and vocabulary to show the examiners what you can do.

C Listen to the other candidate's talk carefully so that you will be able to ask an appropriate



Marketing legal services

Recent developments in marketing legal services

Marketing by lawyers

Problems raised by marketing legal services



Business associations

The role of lawyers in forming business associations

The legal differences between a partnership and a company

The advantages of forming a company


Training for the legal profession

Legal education in your country

Why people want to train for the legal profession

Professional training after law school


Competition law

The purpose of competition law

The difficulties of enforcing competition law

Penalties for breaking competition law

Part 3

What you have to do

In this part of the Test of Speaking, you and your partner take part in a

Collaborative task. The interlocutor reads out the task and gives you both one

Written copy of the task and three prompts. You are expected to discuss the topic

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