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Together without the intervention of the interlocutor.

What is being tested

Your ability to engage in a discussion, to take turns (to initiate and respond

Appropriately) and to collaborate with your partner. This part may also involve

exchanging information, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or

Disagreeing, suggesting, speculating, comparing and contrasting, and decisionmaking.

This part of the test lasts three minutes.


In addition to agreeing and disagreeing with your partner, try to pick up on their comments

And ideas and develop them further.

Don't dominate the discussion or interrupt your partner during the discussion, as these are

Not considered to be good interactive communicative skills.

Don't worry if you occasionally have difficulty remembering a specific word. Try to paraphrase

The idea you want to express or use another word.

Use the prompts - and your own ideas - to keep your discussion going for three minutes.

Never ask the interlocutor if the time is up - just keep talking until he/she says 'Thank you'.

Try to give the impression that you are genuinely interested in what you are talking about.



Interlocutor: Now, in this part of the test, you are going to discuss something

Together, but please speak so that we can hear you.

A senior associate has asked you to write a report on the effect

The Internet has had on the way lawyers work. Talk together

About what to say in the report.

There are some discussion points to help you.

You will have about three minutes to discuss this. Is that clear?

Please start your discussion now.

The effect of the Internet

A senior associate has asked you to write a report on the effect the Internet

Has had on the way lawyers work. Talk together about what to say in the


Discussion points

The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet for lawyers

The problems associated with intellectual property rights

Whether the Internet has reduced the cost of legal services to clients

Part 4

What you have to do

In this part of the Test of Speaking, you and your partner take part in a discussion

With the interlocutor, who asks you questions related to the task in Part 3.

What is being tested

Your ability to respond to questions and comments appropriately, develop topics,

exchange information, express and justify opinions, and agree and/or disagree.

This part of the test lasts about four minutes.


() Remember that the purpose of the interlocutor's questions is to encourage discussion. There

Is no right or wrong answer to the questions.

Whether you have an opinion or not, it is important to respond to the questions without

Undue hesitation. So if you have no opinion, invent one quickly.

Try to engage actively in the discussion and to play an active part in developing the topic.

If you find it difficult to think of something to say, try to relate the question to your own


Interlocutor Select any of the following questions as appropriate:

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