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You will hear five short extracts in which various employees of a law firm

Specialising in intellectual property are talking about their work.


For questions 21-25, choose from the

List A-F the disadvantage of his or her

Work which each speaker mentions.


For questions 26-30, choose from the list

A-F the future aim which each speaker

Talks about.

The recording will be played twice. While you listen, you must complete both tasks.


A not being able to A to argue cases in

Select projects court

Not having much Speaker 1 . .. (21) 8 to remain in present Speaker 1 ............... (26)

Contact with clients position

C having to research Speaker2 . ..............(22) C to have sole

Speaker 2 ................. (27)

Complex matters responsibility for a

D having to conduct Speaker3 ................ (23)


searches for clients' Speaker 3 ............... (28) D to assist a partner

Papers in court

E having to get Speaker 4 .. .. (24) E to be involved with Speaker4 ................. (29)

Testimonies from another area of IP

difficult people Speaker5.................(25) law Speaker 5 .............(..3.0)

F bearing financial F to improve own

Responsibility leadership qualities


The Test of Speaking consists of four parts and lasts for 16 minutes. The test is

Taken in pairs, and there are two examiners, an assessor and an interlocutor. The

Assessor does not take part in the interaction. If there is an uneven number of

Candidates at the end of an examining session, the last test is taken in a group of

Three, and the timing of the test is increased.

Part 1

What you have to do

In this part of the Test of Speaking, the interlocutor welcomes you both and asks for

Your mark sheets. He or she then asks you a few questions about yourselves, your

Legal studies or legal work experience, and about one or two law-related topics. This

Part of the test is designed to put you at ease and find out a little about you.

What is being tested

Your ability to respond to questions and to expand on these responses. You are

Expected to be able to give personal information related to your study of the law or

Your work, and to express opinions on law-related topics.

This part of the test only lasts two minutes.


Take advantage of this initial opportunity to demonstrate your speaking ability. Avoid pauses

And answer the questions quickly, but without going into too much detail (remember that this

Part only lasts two minutes).

Do not memorise longer, prepared answers. Speak naturally and clearly so that both the

Interlocutor and the assessor can hear you.

If you are feeling nervous, take a deep breath and start to speak as you breathe out.

Remember that the examiners want you to do well, so try to relax and enjoy the test.

Good morning (afternoon/evening). My name is ..

Colleague,.. . ....

And your names are?

Can I have your mark sheets, please?

Thank you.

First of all, we'd like to know a little about you.

Ask candidates the following questions in turn.

Interlocutor: ..and this is my

0 Where are you both from?

0 (Candidate A), have you ever practised law or are you a law student?

0 And what about you, (Candidate B)?

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