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B It is the ideal profession for people who want to get ahead.

C It is the right work for people who like to think.

8 According to Mr Sanderson, what does the R3 organisation offer its members?

A exam preparation and mentoring

B further education and specialist publications

C job opportunities and professional advice

9 What advice does Mr Sanderson give about preparing for the examination?

A He suggests Thomas takes a course to improve his professional writing skills.

B He recommends observing carefully how insolvency work is carried out.

C He advises studying the relevant legislation in detail.


10 What does Mr Sanderson say the phrase higher insolvency work refers to?

A working for at least two years on insolvency cases

B shadowing a licensed practitioner on all kinds of insolvency cases

C carrying the main responsibility for an insolvency case

11 What does Mr Sanderson suggest Thomas should find out more about?

A the academic requirements for joining the IPA

B the number of years' experience in insolvency work needed

C the qualifications required for a practising certificate

Part 3

What you have to do

This part of the examination consists of a monologue set in a legal context, such

As a legal training seminar, presentation or lecture. You are required to complete

Nine sentences which contain missing words (usually one word is needed for each

Sentence). The recording will be played twice.

What is being tested

The task tests your ability to understand and record specific information.


A Fill in the gaps as best you can when listening to the monologue the first time. Then use the

Second listening opportunity to confirm that the answers you have written are correct.

If you do not understand the answer to a question, forget it and focus on the next question.

Otherwise you risk missing something. Remember that you may understand the item better

The second time you listen.

Questions 12-20

You will hear an announcement at a meeting about a future seminar for lawyers.

For questions 12-20, complete the sentences.

The recording will be played twice.




Part 4

What you have to do

In this part of the examination, you will hear five short monologues on a theme

Spoken by five different speakers. There are two multiple-matching tasks, each with

A discrete focus, with each task consisting of six options. The recordings will be

Played twice.

What is being tested

This task tests your ability to understand gist or global meaning, as well as to be

Able to recognise the attitude, feeling or opinion of the speakers. You may also be

Required to identify the speakers or the topic, or draw inferences from what the

Speakers say.


Since this section requires you to keep two sets of information (the items in Task 1 and

Task 2) in mind as you listen, read all the options carefully first.

0 Bear in mind that one of the options is extra, and does not match with any of the speakers'


0 Don't choose an option simply by matching a word you hear with the same word in the option:

The word may be there to distract you from the real answer.

Questions 21-30

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