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You will hear a conversation between a lawyer and his client.

1 Why has the client come to speak with her lawyer?

A She is being sued by her neighbour over property rights.

B She is contemplating taking legal action against the seller of her house.

C She would like to create an easement on her property.

2 What does the lawyer say about the next step in the client's case?

A He believes that more information needs to be gathered.

B He suggests beginning negotiations with the neighbour.

C He wants to file a suit against the former owner of the property.


You will hear an associate lawyer who works for a large law firm talking about her

First year at the firm.

The purpose of the speaker is

A to report to one of the senior partners about her first year at the firm.

B to tell junior colleagues what they can expect in their first year at the


C to inform her supervisor at the department why she would like to remain there.

She feels that her first year was a valuable experience because

A she was able to make many social contacts.

B she learned how to carry out research.

C she was continually exposed to new things.




You will hear two partners discussing the performance of two young lawyers at

Their firm.

S What impresses the male partner about the lawyer called Marcus?

A his intelligent understanding of the subject matter

B his ability to work independently of others

C his willingness to help colleagues with their work

The female partner thinks that the lawyer called John

A should spend more time researching his cases.

B needs to review some essential concepts.

C ought to be more careful with routine paperwork.

Part 2

What you have to do

This part of the examination consists of a dialogue set in the context of, for

Example, an interview, a meeting, a hearing, a consultation, a negotiation or a social

Situation. The dialogue involves two or more people. You are required to answer five

Three-option multiple-choice questions. The recording will be played twice.

What is being tested

The task tests your ability to listen for specific information as well as for gist

Meaning. You must also be able to identify the opinion or attitude of the speakers.


() You will need to concentrate on a longer piece of dialogue than the extracts in Part 1. Use

The time at the start of the recording to read the questions and the three options so that you

Know what key points to listen out for.

Be aware that an option is not necessarily the correct answer just because it contains a word

From the recording. Often the incorrect options will contain words from the recording to act as

Distractors. Choose your answer by trying to understand the underlying meaning of what the

Speakers are saying.

Questions 7-11

You will hear a conversation between a senior insolvency lawyer, Mr Sanderson,

And a young trainee, Thomas.

For questions 7-11, choose the best answer, A, B or C.

The recording will be played twice.

7 What does Mr Sanderson say about being an insolvency lawyer?

A It is suitable work for people who are not shy.

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