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Information provided in the rubric, you should write 200-250 words in a

Consistently appropriate style, covering all four content points mentioned.

What is being tested

The task tests your ability to organise information in a memorandum, to present

And develop arguments, express and support opinions, and evaluate ideas.

Furthermore, the task presents an opportunity to demonstrate your range of

Structures and vocabulary, as well as your ability to use language correctly and

Appropriately, and to carry out various language functions in writing, such as

Describing, summarising, recommending, persuading, explaining, apologising,

Reassuring, complaining, etc.


Structure your memorandum carefully - it may help to make a plan before you start writing.

Include an introductory statement of purpose at the beginning, as well as a concluding

Statement at the end.

Whenever possible, link and signal ideas using discourse markers.

When arguing in favour of an idea, support your opinions with evidence.

Use a variety of language, including appropriate legal expressions.

You must answer this question.

You work in the Real Estate Department of your law firm, a large international firm

With clients around the world. Your superior has asked you to write a

Memorandum addressed to the director of Human Resources outlining and

Explaining your suggestions for improving the continued training of the members

Of your department.

Write a memorandum to the director of Human Resources. Your memorandum


Outline the current situation in the department

Suggest ways to improve the methods and content of training courses

Recommend legal English language training

Summarise the benefits for the department

Write your answer in 200-250 words in an appropriate style.


Part 1

What you have to do

This part of the examination consists of three short monologues or dialogues set

In a legal context. They are not linked thematically. For each extract, there are two

Three-option multiple-choice questions. The recordings will be played twice.

What is being tested

The tasks test your ability to listen both for main points and specific details. They

Also test how well you are able to recognise the function or topic of a text, and to

identify the purpose of a speaker, as well as a speaker's attitude, feelings or

Opinions as expressed in the extract. Finally, the tasks measure your ability to draw

Inferences from what the speakers say.


At the beginning of each section of the recording, time is provided to allow you to look

Through the questions. Read each question and all three options carefully and thoroughly in

Advance, otherwise you may miss important information.

Since many of these questions deal with attitudes, feelings and opinions, pay particular

Attention to the verbs, adjectives and adverbs that express these.

Questions 1-6

You will hear three different extracts.

For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, B or C) which fits best according to

What you hear. There are two questions for each extract. Each extract will be

Played twice.


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This is a letter-writing task. You have to write a letter of 120-180 words in a | You will hear a conversation between a lawyer and his client.
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